Dr. Tsai’s practice combines her background in cancer, behavior genetic research and training in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  Dr. Tsai’s practice of the ancient principles of TCM evolves into a philosophy that recognizes and honors the Art of Life within.  This is expressed as her devotion to the healing of each individual.  She continues to improve her understanding of the human body and medicine through annual internships in her homeland of Taiwan.  She applies her holistic application of TCM to all conditions.  Dr. Tsai (or Dr. Shwu as most call her) was an athlete and has personal knowledge and experience in treating chronic pain resulting from sport injuries, accidents and the stress of daily life.  Many clients have expressed with gratitude that “Dr. Shwu’s treatment is beyond acupuncture!”


(Dr. Shwu requested we remove all the testimonials she garnered over the years and instead leave this sole testimonial as it says it all…)

“I am so incredibly grateful to Dr. Shwu for all of the years I have been able to see and work with her as a patient. She has helped me reduce the stress (and effects on my body and mind) of running a business, transitioning through a high-conflict divorce, and making the transition back to a demanding field in healthcare, where the deleterious reverberations were obvious. Dr. Shwu is a highly perceptive and skilled clinician; someone whose healing abilities extend far beyond her training, education, and degrees in both Western science and traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Shwu lives the science and philosophy of the medicine she practices. To refer to her as an acupuncturist or body-worker would “miss the mark”. Rather, those who have been fortunate to know and to receive her wisdom/treatments, describe her as an Intuitive Healer. (Although, I suggest that you do not quote this to her; given her humble nature, she is likely to graciously decline such observations or high compliments.) However, in my 27 years of seeing acupuncturists and body-workers, as well as working around medical doctors, psychologists, and teachers of all kinds, I have yet to know and to be touched by the essence of anyone like her. Dr. Shwu is a rare gem in a field that is ever so managed by the clock, demands of productivity, and other superfluous statistical measures. Her treatments are a blend of traditional Chinese medicine, acupuncture, intuitive body-work, supportive counseling, guided meditation, and patience. I am grateful for the time and space she has created and offered me to be, to transcend, and to heal.”                        ~ Dr. Huett, Licensed Psychologist