Carrie graduated from the Massage Therapy Institute in 2004, that was only the beginning. She has continued her education through advanced training courses to enhance her understanding of the human body, how it moves, and how to relieve chronic pain. Carrie has an affinity for Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) and has been trained in advanced NMT techniques. This modality engages the nervous system for the purpose of assisting the body to heal itself. NMT helps to ‘peel the onion’ to get down to the root cause of tension and chronic pain.  While Carrie does do medium to deep pressure, she believes in only going as deep as the tissue allows, thus respecting the client’s body and responding to it’s needs.
Carrie has helped bring relief to clients with conditions such as migraines, sciatic pain, whiplash, carpal tunnel, TMJ, chronic stress, and athletic muscle tension, just to name a few.
She also specializes in Tibetan Healing Bowls, Cranio Sacral therapy and is a Reiki Master teacher. These more subtle energy techniques work well in conjunction with manual manipulation. They are helpful in treating many conditions including head trauma, menopause, physical and emotional trauma. Carrie incorporates all of her training into massage to give her clients an individualized treatment.
Movement is another monumental component of Carrie’s world. She has been a classical and modern dancer and is a certified yoga instructor. She adds this to her bag of healing tricks when giving massage by advising clients on specific stretches and poses they can do to open certain energy channels in the body. Carrie believes it is important to address not only the physical body in wellness, but also the mind and spirit. When all three are cared for and nourished, a person can transcend any boundary.
Carrie is available at The Wellness Center on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays.


“I have been coming to the wellness center for many years now. They have a very friendly staff and are very reasonable in their fees. I come once a month and have a membership which in addition reduces the cost. Carrie is probably the best massage therapist I have ever seen. Therapeutic, relaxing, and wonderful every time! I have recommended to many friends and will continue. I also like to get gift certificates for special occasions! I highly recommend The Wellness Center!!” ~Karen R.
“I LOVE CARRIE! I think she is the BEST massage therapist!” ~Carrie O.
“Carrie and she is a skilled, intuitive therapist, and always applies the perfect pressure.  I always walk out feeling amazing.” ~ Cynthia L.
“Carrie’s massage style is intuitive, which enabled her to effectively tailor it to my needs. The staff were incredibly welcoming. I will definitely return to the Wellness Center!” ~ Eric W.
“This was my first massage ever and Carrie was so nice she made me feel very comfortable her work was amazing, after experiencing this I now want all my friends and family to have a massage too!!” ~ Irene A.