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Tim Price, D.C.

Tim PriceDr. Price graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007.  He specializes in several techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, activator protocol, as well as Impulse low-force, non-rotational adjusting for those who prefer an alternate method of experiencing adjustments. He has also been trained and certified to do extremity adjustments – ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulders. Additionally, he is certified in Pediatric Chiropractic and greatly enjoys working with small children and infants to provide relief for colic, croop, ear or sinus infections, digestive or sleep issues, and more.

Another adjunct technique that Dr. Price offers is Flexion-Distraction Therapy, which is a gentle, chiropractic treatment procedure. With flexion-distraction, pressure is applied to specific areas of contact that are intended to relieve pain, as well as restore range of motion and realign the spine. It is usually a very gentle experience for the patient, which makes it particularly well-suited for clients who need a lighter touch, such as those with osteoporosis or of an advanced age. The technique is widely used for cervical and lumbar disc herniations, as well as to increase spinal joint mobility and non-disc spinal disorders and conditions such as: sciatica, headache, Stenosis and Spondylolisthesis are also treatable with this type of therapy.
Additionally, Dr. Price facilitates Dry Cupping, a technique that helps provide relief from back pain, stress, fatigue, anxiety and muscle aches, just to name a few. The purpose of cupping is to enhance circulation, help relieve pain, remove “heat” and pull out the toxins that linger in your body’s tissues.

As an avid triathlete, he has a wealth of information and experience in sports and training, which has brought him great success in working with athletes. He is certified as a Kinesio Taping Practitioner, which is a new modality for pain. There are 4 primary physiological effects: improve muscle function, improve circulation and decrease edema, pain management and support joints. He listens and treats patients with structural imbalances, headaches, postural abnormalities, any type of muscular skeletal issues in addition to individuals that have experienced accidents/injuries with possible rehab indications.


“Dr Price cured my sciatica a few years back with only 2 visits. I recently made an appt for a “tune up” And 3 days post adjustment I feel great!” – Jacki C.

“Dr. Tim Price is the best Chiropractor I’ve worked with. He is excellent at explaining the issues and adjustments with my back and posture. Always, interesting, caring and I have always felt much better after the adjustments. I also like the first impression the center as you walk in: free tea, friendly receptionists, nice waiting room and a relaxed, spa like atmosphere. It’s like a vacation in the middle of the busy city. Thank you!” – Bart G.

“I see Dr. Tim Price, the chiropractor, at The Wellness Center. He is great at listening to me and at providing adjustments. Dr. Price is also very professional and personable and I feel as though he really cares about me. It is also really easy to make an appointment to see him. The office staff at The Wellness Center is friendly and very accommodating. I have been seeing Dr. Price for over a year now and plan on continuing to see him for my chiropractic needs for a long time to come.” – Pat P.

“Dr. Price is an incredible chiropractor. His adjustments are extremely good and he really takes his time to assess what is going on and be thorough. Seeing him has not only helped with my pain considerably. But it has lifted my spirits each and every time.” – Ali G.


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