Project Description

Ringo Segismundo, LMT

Intuitive massage therapist, Ringo Segismundo, was trained in Berkeley, California and Kauai, Hawaii where he lived for 12 years and massaged professionally for nine years. He first studied Tui Na, traditional Chinese bodywork, in 1996 and then became a licensed therapist in Hawaii in 2005. Ringo specializes in Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Massage), Tui Na (Chinese Massage), and CranioSacral Therapy. He is also experienced in Swedish, hot stone and Thai massage. His client base is all-inclusive, everyone can benefit from his work. Ringo comes from a linage of healers from his father’s side and as a life-long learner, Ringo currently is studying Chi Bei Tsang (internal organ massage). Ringo is also a practitioner and certified instructor of Qi Gong and Chen Style Taiji. He believes in our innate self and seeks harmony wherever he is. Ringo’s intention is to create space that allows the client and their body to relax, naturally and gently.  To “force” the body into a state of relaxation with deep pressure is contradictory to the zen within massage.  Ringo is a jovial gentleman who can masterfully guide you to peace and body stillness.

Client Testimonials

“I was able to book an appointment, with many therapy choices, online. I’m a massage therapist and, days later, am still marveling in the after effects of the massage. Thank you, Ringo. With my pain and knowledge of it, he saw something in my whole body that said something different, and has relieved it. I’m still humbled in the knowledge.”  ~ Stephanie M.

“I was referred by a friend to see a particular massage therapist, Ringo, and boy was she right!  He has healing hands! He created a unique session for my needs and ailments.”  ~ Angela T.

“Ringo is AMAZING!!!! I leave on a different level than when I came in. His wisdom and intuition are incredible.”  ~ Brittany K.

“Ringo is the best massage therapist I have ever had! No one has been able to release the tension in my neck and jaw like him in one hour! Thanks Ringo, coming back to you for sure!” ~ Caroline A.

“Massage with Ringo was the best I have ever had. He has such a caring demeanor and encourages relaxation more than any therapist I’ve known.  ~ Lori W.

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a massage and Ringo definitely helped to remind me that I need to take time every once in awhile to focus on myself. He knew exactly what I needed by looking at me. He focused on the areas my body and soul needed. I came in so stressed out, tense and mentally burnt. I left feeling lighter, focused and relaxed. Thank you Ringo for helping this mother of 4 get back to center. Blessings to you always.” ~ Loura G. 

“Ringo was absolutely amazing – felt great after the massage and he gave me some helpful tips. I definitely will see him again.” ~ Amy R.