Project Description

Randi Powell, LMT

Randi is a woman who embodies balance and trust.  She combines her love of cooking (she also employed as a chef) with traveling (hosts food-orientated tours to other countries) to round out her other life’s passion, health and healing.  Randi has a lengthy history with herbs, essential oils, nutrition and a deep knowledge of food, and her awareness of that which sustains the body blends beautifully with her knowledge of the physical body.  Her treatments encompass a broad spectrum of modalities and experience.

A graduate of the Centre of Advanced Therapeutics in 2001, Randi has experience with Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, Myofascial Release, Prenatal Massage and Hot Stone Therapy.  She enjoys working with clients who are honest about their issues and knows their body as well as it’s connection to the mind.  Her pressure tends to be firm-to-deep, yet nurturing, and she often includes reflexology in each session to balance systems and truly ground the individual.  Randi stresses the importance of continuing the healing at home, between sessions, with stretches or movement adjustments to allow the body to re-balance and optimize new functioning.

Interview with Randi

Three words that describe me: honest, silly, fun
Three things that make me smile:  animals, sunlight, dancing
Three words that describe my massage therapy: aware, focused, intuitive
Three things that I could not do without: pizza, travel, beer


“I had cranio sacral and it was the most helpful treatment I quite possibly have ever had. Randi was pure and absolute magic!” ~ Lisa G.

“I was blown away by my therapeutic appointment with Randi. I have issues with pressure and fibromyalgia symptoms on my chest and shoulders, and Randi was so accommodating and patient when working with those areas. She was able to work on areas of my body that I typically don’t have massage therapists work on and I felt so good afterwards. I can’t recommend her enough.” ~ Kelsey L.

“Not what I expected. Way better! Randi is the perfect massage therapist. Everyone at the front desk was so friendly and efficient! I wish I could afford much more of such a great an experience.” ~ Stefn W.