Project Description

Meredith Clark, LMT

Meredith Clark

From a young age, Meredith felt called to the work of hands-on- healing. After traveling the world, she followed this calling as she attended the Academy of Professional Careers in 2001. She believes that every person, every body can benefit from massage because it deepens awareness of the self and one’s own body. Meredith practices deep listening as she engages with the muscles of the body. She then communicates this information back to her clients verbally and through touch. She acts as a translator of the body for her clients and as they continue to practice with her, their ability to hear on their own improves. As we learn to listen to our bodies, we can extend that deep deep listening to our life situations and prevent our engaging in unconscious harm in the world.

Meredith has been establishing years of experience working with a wide variety of body types, injuries and habits. This has fostered an incredible sense of creativity in her practice. She enjoys working with ALL clients…those who are new to massage, athletes, pregnant mothers, professionals, kids, those who are managing mental and emotional challenges, and more. Meredith has had great success in addressing issues with headaches, neck range of mobility, jaw pain, Thoracic outlet, shoulder tension, chest, carpal tunnel, and low back pain.

Interview with Meredith

Three words that describe me: Easy to Trust, Caring, Strong
Three things that make me smile: A person’s “Aha” moment, harmonious relationships, enjoying the moment
Three words that describe my massage style: intuitive, energetic, strong
Three things that I could not live without: love, exercise, dental floss

Client Testinomials

“Recently had massage with Meredith, it was great! She did an excellent job. Communication and professionalism was spot on. Would definitely return to see her, thanks!”  ~ Reuben F.

“I absolutely LOVE this place! The big chain massage businesses can’t compare. I receive good quality services every time I visit. Meredith is one of the best massage therapist I have ever met. Definitely worth visiting!” ~ Latoya L.

“Meredith is amazing. So happy that I found her.” ~ Cynthia S.

“Meredith is amazing! The issues I had before I went in for before my massage are gone now. She Spent 10 minutes after the massage fining me suggestions and making recommendations on things to do to prevent prevent them from occurring again. The staff that greet you at the door are so friendly and helpful!!!” ~ Debra M.

Mary provided the best massage I’ve ever had. She is intuitive and a healer.” ~ Rachel G.