Project Description

Margo Weiser, LMT

Margo Weiser

Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, Margo moved to Boulder, Colorado after finishing her BA in Psychology at Indiana University.  She attended the Boulder College of Massage Therapy (BCMT) and later received her Associates of Occupational Studies degree in massage from the same institution.  Her style is a nurturing deep Swedish with hints of energy work taken from Polarity Therapy, Vibrational Medicine and Integrative Massage.  Her massage blends her two favorite things: science and art. With a solid knowledge of anatomy, she listens to her clients carefully to devise a treatment plan that is beneficial and complete for the session.  Margo loves to do long, slow, flowing strokes with inspiration coming from the ease and power in the movement of water.  When possible, she approaches the musculature from a 3-dimensional perspective, contacting it from the top, bottom and sides, providing for an all-encompassing and connecting massage. Finally, she heavily relies on intuition and communication to ensure a compassionate and fulfilling experience for both her and her clients.

Margo is a firm believer that we all have the power to heal ourselves and we tap into that power while we’re in a state of deep relaxation in our mind and body.  It is her top priority is to help her client get to this state of relaxation before the deep work to ease tension and pain can begin.

From Margo’s perspective, massage is a practice that does more than decrease pain and anxiety.  Her philosophy is that because massage connects our mind and our body, an awareness of our intuition becomes more clear from that connection.  As a result, that awareness profoundly improves our quality of life because we become more familiar with our body’s physical and emotional limits and needs.

Interview with Margo

Three words that describe me: Determined, Playful, Understanding
Three things that make me smile: Animals, Sunsets, Live Music
Three words that describe my massage therapy: Compassionate, Focused, Restorative
Three things that I could not live without: My pets, Good food, Laughter

Client Testimonials

“Margo is a magician with her hands. I have serious scar tissue and nerve damage and she has helped me get feeling back.”   ~ Andrew B.

“Margo is very kind, sweet and intuitive. She is versatile to the type of work needed and I felt extremely relaxed and restored after the session.”  ~ Giulia C.

“Margo is awesome. She is equally as professional and she is effective. My back feels much better.  Thumbs up!” ~ Gina H.

“Margo is AMAZING!” ~ Julia H.