Project Description

Liz Aeschbacher, LCMT

Liz is a Chicago native and graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy (now known as Cortiva Institute) in 2008.  She has always been passionate about helping others, has a knack for locating trouble areas in the body and believes we all have an innate ability to heal and be healed.  As a tenth year, Nationally Board Licensed/Certified massage therapist, Liz’s specialties include Myofascial Release, Trigger Point, Lymphatic Drainage, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, rehabilitative, medical, sports, Thai, Shiatsu, CranioSacral, hot stone and post pregnancy.

Having suffered trauma, pain and two major debilitating injuries, Liz has a deep understanding of the importance of receiving bodywork and how much it assists with the recovery process.  She explains that the primary goal of her treatments is to enhance your wellness by providing both short and long-term relief from stress, trauma, injury, chronic pain and conditions such as TMJ, whiplash, headaches, sciatica and kyphosis.  For those seeking a lighter, more relaxing touch, she offers aroma and stress management massage with an emphasis on breath.  Each session is tailored to meet the individual’s therapeutic needs and goals.  Liz is extremely thorough when creating a treatment plan/recommendation.  She works collaboratively and compassionately to follow through with her client’s treatment goals, maintenance and self-care.

Liz enjoys cooking, being outdoors, swimming, reading and learning more about the human body-frame.

Interview with Liz

Three words that describe me:  Charismatic, Adventurous, Passionate
Three things that make me smile:  Nature, Thoughtfulness, Music
Three words that describe my massage therapy:  Extraordinary, Rejuvenating, Integrative
Three things that I could not do without:  Love, Laughter, Strength

Client Testimonials

“Liz knew right away that one of my legs didn’t line up with the other. She had me do some simple exercises to help find the root cause and where to begin. Liz gave me great feedback and information I needed to understand what was going on and what I needed to do. She was also very encouraging and positive that I could be helped!! She also helped me navigate some visual images to see the exercises I needed to do on my own to make it all come together. Liz really knows a lot and I feel like I have hope to get better. Thank you!”  ~ Wylly S.

Always great energy. Liz knows exactly what I want and provides great service.” ~ Brooke M.