Project Description

Dana Llewellyn, LMT

Dana brings a full spectrum passion for health and fitness to our team at The Wellness Center! She has training and experience in massage therapy, personal training, yoga teaching and group fitness instruction! Most recently, she continued her education with training in Visceral Manipulation, Oncology massage, cupping and Thai table massage. The common thread is a holistic and empowered approach to affecting positive change in a client’s well-being….supporting a balancing with Mother Earth and the client’s innate wisdom. Dana’s primary goal in bodywork is to contribute to a more resilient society by helping individuals become more physically aware and and adaptable to their own needs.  Her style is slow and methodical with her pressure being light to medium.  Time seems to stand still as you relax more and more fully during the session!

Dana believe when she gives a massage, she is interacting with an intelligent system with innate healing capacity. She lets the body speak, follows the tissue and assists the body in creating its own release through direct physical change and by accessing the healing found in deep relaxation. Dana provides a light to medium pressure, full-handed work that incorporates movement in the body’s natural rhythm. She is great with detailed, specific work. Anyone seeking relief, wanting to access their deep relaxation state, desiring more energy and enjoys learning, will benefit from a session with Dana!  She is also the only practitioner at The Wellness Center who can facilitate an Oncology massage session.

Interview with Dana

Three words that describe me:   Adventurous, witty, easy-going
Three things that make me smile:   A groovy tune, a chance to dance, a playful pup
Three words that describe my massage therapy:   Enchanting, attentive, informed
Three things that I could not do without:   Something to learn, someone to care for, the sun