Project Description

Chris Smith, LMT

Chris is  an adventurous spirit with a passion for growth and helping others.  After attending the University of Colorado and Naropa University, he traveled to Costa Rica where he graduated from the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy in 2010.   His career became focused on healing and improved life functionality.  He obtained additional training for medical massage specific to shoulder, arm and hip work and studied Spinal Reflex Therapy, which utilizes Attachment Point Therapy to decrease pain and unwind longstanding patterns.  Chris also tested for and achieved National Board Certification for massage.

Chris believes that even small positive actions have larger ripple effects. His personal mission is to help people let go of pain and tension, to relax and find more ease and enjoyment in life.  He customizes each session incorporating deep tissue, myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish and sports massage and strives to provide relaxing and enjoyable therapeutic depth to his treatments.  Anyone looking to be more present and relaxed in their body or seeking relief from pain need look no further.

Interview with Chris

Three words that describe me: kind, creative and funny
Three things that make me smile:  mountains, ocean, and sun
Three words that describe my massage therapy: precise, therapeutic, and gentle
Three things that I could not do without: yoga, curry, and camping


My problem areas are next/shoulders/upper back (swimming and computer work) and piriformis/hamstring areas (running).  Chris was a perfect  fit for my ailments and probably the best massage I have ever received. Looking forward to continuing with him.”  ~ Jen B.

“I like massages to help with specific purposes such as sciatica, and Chris is so knowledgeable about what triggers help alleviate those issues or for general help for sore muscles.  I always feel like new after my sessions with him.” ~ Conny W.

“Chris gives a phenomenal massage. Truly, next level ability and talent” ~ Amy G.