Project Description

Bill Woodall, LMT

Bill Woodall is a senior therapist at The Wellness Center. He graduated from the Colorado School of Healing Arts in 2000. Since that time, Bill has actively continued to enhance his healing skills for the benefit of his clients and to share that knowledge by teaching advanced techniques at The Wellness Center.  Bill integrates Deep Tissue, Craniosacral Therapy, Applied Kinesiology, Sports and Neuromuscular massage techniques to help his clients. He has helped individuals with a wide range of complaints including neck injuries, low back pain, piriformis syndrome, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, sports injuries, thoracic outlet syndrome and frozen shoulder. His practice focuses on helping clients free themselves from injury and pain.

Another significant portion of Bill’s practice is helping clients with migraines, severe headaches and TMJ problems. Through the integration of a variety of techniques, Bill has helped client’s greatly reduce or eliminate their pain. He has often worked in conjunction with their doctors, allowing client’s to eliminate or reduce medications and harmful side effects.  Bill also has extensive experience working with many different types of athletes. He utilizes massage and advanced stretching techniques to help improve their performance and prevent injuries. Whether clients seek massage therapy for the relief of pain or stress, recovery from injury, or to sustain heath and wholeness, Bill assists clients into a state of greater balance. He provides a safe place for clients to experience the connection of their body, mind and spirit and to feel their interrelationship.

Client Testimonial

“Bill is the ultimate professional, and has thousands of hours of training and practice behind his expertise. And what a great person he is! It has changed my life to visit him every month and sometimes more frequently.” ~ Claudia H.

“To be fortunate enough to find a spot in Bill Woodall’s schedule is to be assured of marking every checklist box on one’s personal quest for  health, fitness and well-being.  With an incomparable level of varied and highly skilled experience, Bill is a uniquely gifted, intuitive, dedicated healer.”  ~ Ann P.

“With enthusiasm and confidence, I highly recommend Bill to colleagues, friends and family. The sessions that I have experienced are massage, energy work and cranio-sacral. His expertise and wealth of knowledge have worked magically on the problems that my aging, active adult life has accumulated though the years. His manner is gentle, compassionate and professional. Most impressively, Bill is committed to his profession through his continued education in areas of study that compliments healthy, natural healing. His knowledge and experience in healing the body goes further than the immediate treatment session. He offers expert advice on exercises and classes that would further assist and strengthen the body’s healing process. His “magic” has helped to keep me active, competitive and healthy. It is because of his expert work that I have continued sessions with him for six years and it is my sincere hope that many more will follow.” ~ Brenda M.

“Bill is my primary therapist and he is AMAZING!! I have never run a race without getting a massage a day or two before anymore and that’s how much it helps my performance. Best in Denver, in fact best anywhere in my experience. Thanks Bill!” ~ Carmen W.

“As of fall 2008, I was getting daily migraines that even became more than one per day on occasion. When it became obvious that all the medical doctors could do for me was prescribe more meds (with more side effects), I got anxious. I began to think that my life might be defined by the pain and missed events. That made me very sad.  I found The Wellness Center, Bill and Dr. Price in October and saw results immediately. I began coming to Bill weekly at first and also started seeing Dr. Price at the same time. I have had one migraine now since October and feel in control of my life again. I have been able to wean off some of my appts, consequently, I come every 3-4 weeks. Now that my body is more ‘in tune’ I know exactly when I need to come in and when things are out of whack. I cannot thank you enough! I would encourage anyone going through this to make the financial and time commitment to see Bill regularly. Please keep up all the good work and know that you are truly touching lives and changing them for the good!” ~ Katana C.

“I had Bells Palsey in March of 2015. The right side of my face became paralyzed and I could not blink. It was terrifying! Out of desperation I took prednisone and the paralysis went away. However when I decreased the dose to wean off the prednisone, I noticed symptoms of facial paralysis again and I panicked because I heard that the paralysis could become permanent. I called the Wellness Center and asked for help. They recommended Biodynamic CranioSacral Therapy (BCST) and thankfully were able to set me an appointment with Bill Woodall. When Bill treated me I confess I wondered what I was paying for because the treatment technique was very subtle. Then I relaxed and fell asleep during the first session. When I awoke Bill told me he had completed the treatment and that he had sensed movement and healing. Immediately following the treatment I felt better and noticed my face seemed slightly improved. Within two hours I was amazed that the paralysis in my face was completely gone! I was so grateful and relieved! I had two more follow up treatments and have had no problems since. I believe BCST it is a very effective treatment and I am truly thankful I found out about it.  Thank you Bill!!!!” ~ Katherine S.

“Bill’s therapeutic massage had a very positive impact on my frozen shoulder. Better than Kaiser PT or any medication.” ~ Kevin J.