Wellness-Center-MassageMassage Therapy is an ancient healing tradition that has many physical, mental and emotional therapeutic benefits. It encourages well-being and optimum functioning by improving circulation of blood and lymph, improving the mobility of joints, decreasing muscle tension and promoting relaxation. Massage can help the body remove toxins, deliver nutrients to tissues and cells more efficiently and recover from strains and trauma more quickly.

Types of Massage Offered

The Wellness Center offers a customized massage to fit your individual needs, which can include a variety of therapeutic bodywork techniques, hot packs, hot towels and organic, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils, all at no additional charge. Check out the following styles of massage to see which one is right for you!


“Deep tissue” is a buzz word that has become increasingly popular in the world of massage, but what exactly does it mean? Deep tissue is a focused style of massage that is designed to release tension and chronic holding patterns that originate in the deeper layers of our muscles or connective tissues. Therapists utilize slow, strong strokes that move across the grain of the muscle to physically breakdown the “knots” or blockages in the tissue. Sound painful? It can be mildly uncomfortable, but only if you ask for it. Through consultation, your therapist will establish just how deep to go to ensure your massage is enjoyable and effective. You might be a bit sore the next day, like you would be after a workout, but that’s how you know its working.
Benefits of a full-body deep tissue massage include:

  • Pain alleviation
  • Increased mobility
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved circulation
  • Enhanced sense of wellness



Sports massage is a technique designed specifically for athletes or those who engage in activities like running, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, tennis, strength training and/or aerobics. Sports massage readies the muscles prior to a workout or event AND assists the body in recovering from the wear-and-tear and minor injuries that naturally occur with an active lifestyle.
Benefits of sports massage include:

  • Reduced chance of injury
  • Improved range of motion and muscle flexibility, resulting in improved power and performance
  • Shortened recovery time between workouts
  • Increased blood flow, maximizing supply of nutrients and oxygen
  • Enhanced elimination of metabolic by-products of exercise



This type of massage was developed by Swedish physiologist, Henri Peter Ling in the early 1800’s. Swedish massage is a general, systemic manipulation of the soft tissues of the body (muscles, ligaments and tendons) to induce a state of deep relaxation.
Swedish massage utilizes five main techniques:

  • Long, gliding strokes
  • Kneading of individual muscles
  • Compressing/Friction
  • Vibration
  • Tapping

Benefits of Swedish massage include:

  • Improved blood and lymphatic circulation
  • Released toxins
  • Eased muscle aches and tension
  • Increased flexibility
  • Deepened sense of relaxation


Ashiatsu is a unique style of massage therapy in which the therapists ‘walks’ on the client’s back, using gravity and their bare feet as well as their hands to apply pressure.
At The Wellness Center in Denver, the practitioner uses overhead bars attached to the ceiling to balance and control the level of pressure and weight on the client’s body. Although the word “Ashiatsu” literally translated means foot “ashi”, pressure “atsu” in Japanese, Ashiatsu therapists also use their hands and upper body when appropriate.  The foot and/or hand pressure is applied to specific trigger points or in long compression strokes, depending on the client’s needs.
Benefits of Ashiatsu Massage:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Relieve tight muscles
  • Reduce stress
  • Stimulate the body’s own self-healing capabilities



Hot stone massage uses smooth-surfaced river rocks that have been heated by water to over 100 degrees. They are used as tools for actual massage – the warmth melting the muscle, which allows the therapist to deeply work the muscles, if desired. The heat also accelerates the movement of blood and lymph, increasing circulation and toxic release even more so than other forms of massage. As you can imagine, the warmth also produces an incredibly heavenly state of relaxation. The hot stones serve another purpose by being intentionally placed on energy meridians and/or in particular areas of the body to address different healing aspects and to balance energy.  This is the only type of bodywork The Wellness Center offers that incurs a $20 upgrade fee.  Scheduling in advance is necessary as the stones must be prepped and warmed before a session.


Pregnancy can be a tumultuous time for a woman’s body. Rapid and dramatic physical changes can leave a person with aches, pains and exhaustion. Prenatal massage reduces pregnancy discomforts while enhancing the physiological and emotional well-being of both mother and fetus. The practitioner uses specific techniques and proper positioning (with the help of comfortable pillows and padding) to provide a therapeutic session.
Benefits of prenatal massage include:

  • Decreased back pain
  • Reduced swelling in extremities
  • Relief from joint pain
  • Calms and relaxes the body



This subtle modality, known as CranioSacral Therapy or massage, works with the Cranio-Sacral system, which includes the bones in your spine and head as well as the membranes and Cerebrospinal Fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal column. Living in this crazy, fast-paced, high-stress world can cause your system to get out of balance. Various ailments like headaches and migraines, chronic fatigue, jaw problems and even emotional difficulties can be the result. In order to rebalance this system, the therapist cradles your neck, shoulders and head to tune into and manipulate the pulse of the fluid. Tiny adjustments to the position of the bones are made allowing the body to naturally heal and come into a renewed place of homeostasis.
If you suffer from:

  • Headaches
  • Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ)
  • Chronic pain
  • Emotional trauma
  • Depression
  • Bell’s Palsy

CranioSacral Therapy can help.


This gentle, rhythmic style of massage stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for regulating our immune function. The lymphatic system works by absorbing fluid, toxins, waste material and foreign substances from our tissues. It then gets filtered and purified by the lymph nodes.  However, if it becomes stagnate, we can feel sluggish and are more susceptible to viral and contagious illnesses. By stimulating this system through massage, it works more efficiently, which in turn boosts the immune system. Additionally, lymphatic drainage induces a parasympathetic state, slowing the heart rate and breathing to relax muscles and allow organs to resume normal function – something we all could all use.
Benefits include:

  • Enhanced immune functionality
  • Reduced swelling and pain
  • Released toxins
  • Increased ability for the body to heal itself
  • Reduced stress


Energy work is a subtle, yet powerful, form of healing based on the concept that humans, as well as the world around us, are all energy. Practitioners are trained to be a conduit – transferring cosmic energy to the client, allowing it to fuel the body’s innate ability to heal and balance itself.  One of the most popular forms of energy work is Reiki. This ancient healing art uses a very light touch and sometimes no touch at all, to work with the energy centers or chakras of the body. The movement of energy releases blockages and helps balance the individual physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.