If you are ready, then The Wellness Center, inside Whole Foods Market (located south of Cherry Creek) is where you belong.  Become part of a family that values your well-being and has the safety of our team and clients as a top priority. With isolation, fear and COVID running rampant, a space where connection and healing can happen allows a person to shift from a contracted state of being to one of expansion and empowerment. We can help provide this “reset” for our community…with your help!

Why choose us?

  •  We have implemented many safety protocols to keep our space as safe as possible…from UV air purifiers in every room, to staggered appointments minimizing contact with others, to hourly sanitizing throughout the Center and much more.
  • We are a self-care culture… you come first when it comes to creating the best schedule for your body
  • Hydraulic tables, hot packs, aromatherapy and hot towel warmers in every room (all included in session, no up-selling required)
  • Established clientele base (we’ve been here for over 16 years), which means you stay busy; our therapists are on average booked over 80% of the time they are available
  • Compassionate, respectful, caring staff that is therapist-focused
  • Small, woman-owned business (not a franchise)
  • Educated clientele that respects and appreciates high quality massage

We offer Acupuncture, Chiropractic Care and Naturopathic Medicine in addition to Therapeutic Massage.
Ideal Candidate:

  • 3 years of experience required
  • Therapeutic-focused massage
  • Team Player and Flexible
  • Dependable and has reliable transportation
  • Colorado State License

The Details:

  • Looking for someone 2-3 days per week
  • Must be available on the weekends and evenings
  • Starting commission $35-$40 per hour massage, depending upon experience (does not include tips…average $18 per hour session)

Therapist Testimonials

“The Wellness Center has the most amazing clients! They are health-minded, invested in their well-being and understand the benefits of massage and respect you as a therapist.  It is such a great place to work.” ~ Lauren W.

“To come home smiling, laughing, and feeling inspired is truly a gift.  There are too many people that come home feeling miserable either because they are in unfulfilling jobs, they make no money, or make too much money but the job depletes every last ounce of their soul. The other day I asked one of my new colleagues how he liked working here. He said to me, ‘Work? What? I don’t work, I LIVE.’ To finally be a part of something bigger than myself, to finally come home happy and truly fulfilled in my heart, to know I am making a difference in the lives of others, to finally do something meaningful. THIS IS TO LIVE! There really is no such thing as work when you do what you love. Come visit me at the Wellness Center on Colorado Blvd in Denver. Enjoy a relaxing therapeutic massage from yours truly. You won’t walk away the same that I can guarantee”! ~ D. Rochart

“I admit, I am a therapist here and have been for the 4 years I’ve lived in Colorado. As a therapist, it is the best place I have ever worked in my decade long run (so far) in the industry. Sharon (the owner) listens to us and our feedback in regards to the center and what works best for us as the therapists. I’ve never worked in a place that has honored the therapists and other doctors and employees more. On top of that, I’m very picky about who I let put their hands on me. But this is the place I come to for my own healing as well. They have facilitated my own journey through the thick and thin of it. Thank you TWC and all who work there to make it a sacred space.” ~ A. McKnight

Be the next person to join our team and discover this kind of fulfillment yourself!

Please e-mail your resume to our Director, Kris Wood, at or drop it off at 870 S. Colorado Blvd., Glendale 80246