Closed for COVID-19

In the spirit of supporting our community, and flattening the "curve" of those contracting the coronavirus, The Wellness Center will be closing on Friday March 20th for appointments. We had planned to be closed for 3 weeks but in light of the state mandated closures, we now plan to re-open on Friday May 1, 2020. Here is how we are handling monthly memberships and some ways that you can help your favorite practitioner, if you so choose.

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Are you at Peace?

There is a myth going around that people should be happy all of the time. I am here to tell you to break the "Happiness Myth." Ask yourself instead, "am I at peace?"

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Happy 2019!

This time of the year is always about new beginnings! It is a wonderful time to reflect on the past year and to look forward into the New Year. I find [...]

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