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In life, accidents happen-  4 things you can do for a safe and quick recovery

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Life throws us so many various curves and roadblocks that we need a gentle place to heal and recover.  Finding those places internally and externally can be life-changing and needed. Those roadblocks can include accidents and those come in many forms.  Whether it is from a fall, slip, car accident, skiing accident, etc. Often times these incidents result in whiplash and can be very painful.  The jerking motion strains the neck and body, causing injury in the spine, discs, ligaments, muscles, nerves and tissues (get consultation form personal injury lawyer). Houston car accident attorney is a person to consult, and reach out to attorney for those injured in san diego. The head jerks beyond its usual range of motion and can cause fibers to tear.  Not only is this painful, but it can cause digestive issues, headaches, blurred vision, ringing in the ears, difficulty sleeping and concentrating, and memory problems.  Recovery can be a long, but you can expedite the process by being pro-active.
#1:  Craniosacral Therapy–  One of the first things you can do following an accident it to receive Craniosacral therapy.  Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle and subtle form of therapeutic touch, that can have profound impacts on the body.  Craniosacral massage works with the cranio-sacral system, which includes the bones in your spine and head as well as the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds and protects the brain and spinal column.
Have you ever noticed that after a fall or accident that sometime you feel light headed or just not “grounded” in your own body?  Craniosacral can rebalance your system through cradling your neck, shoulders and head to tune into and manipulate the pulse of the fluid that flows in this area. Tiny adjustments to the position of the skull bones are made allowing the body to naturally heal and come into a renewed place of homeostasis.
#2: Chiropractic Care– After Craniosacral, we recommend seeing a Chiropractor.  There are many different forms of Chiropractic Care, take some time to find a practitioner that you feel comfortable with.  Chiropractic adjustments help to restore normal joint movement and function, along with treating subluxations from the whiplash incident.  This involves joint manipulations, mobilization, to reduce stress/strain on the body.  Rehabilitative exercises and stretches from your chiropractor are also very beneficial in the healing process.  Each individual symptom you are feeling can signal specific areas of the spine the chiropractor can highlight and work on.
#3: Therapeutic Massage– Bodywork is an effective treatment for breaking up and realigning scar issue.  Using cross-fiber friction is a technique used to loosen adhesions and decrease scar tissue.  Myofascial release, static compression, and deep-oriented massages are wonderful tools to help in the healing from trauma on the body.  Myofascial release technique helps to loosen restricted muscles and fascia to improve range of motion, while unlocking dysfunctional fascial patterns created at the time of injury.  Static compression is applied to affected trigger points to help increase oxygen flow to those injured muscles.  Finally, Therapeutic, deep oriented massage can get into affected fascia, adhesions, and scar tissue, which can help release tension from nerves around the injury.
#4: Home Care– The final area of healing is using essential oils, hot and cold therapy, and soaking in Epsom salt baths to help release the tension and soreness in the body.  Rest is also extremely important in the recovery process, so taking it easy on yourself and letting your body heal.  Hot and cold therapy can vary a bit on a case by case basis, so listening to your therapist or doctor is vital.  Icing for 10-15 minutes and then taking a break for 10-15 minutes helps to prevent frost bite on the skin.  After 72 hours of ice, sufferers can switch to heat to help loosen the muscles.  Again, use the advice of your practitioner for your individual case as these are basic guidelines.  Essential oil therapy can help relieve some tension, stress, and pain during your healing journey as well.  Wintergreen, peppermint, blue tansy, and camphor all have pain relieving properties along with anti-inflammatory properties as well.  Marjoram, lavender, and black pepper essential oils help to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation.  Black pepper specifically has antioxidant properties.  The beta-carotene found in black pepper essential oil helps to fight free radicals in your skin and lessen inflammation (check these dermal fillers).
Because of the delicacy of the area in trauma, always proceed with caution and be mindful of your specific reactions to your body.  Consult with your doctor or physician on taking steps to make sure you are being cared for and healing properly.  Using this healing time to really take it easy on yourself, your psyche, and your body is very important. These times can be trying and frustrating, so reach out to those who are willing and able to help you.  Most practitioners and therapists went into their fields because they are passionate about helping people. Graciously use their healing energy and work to get you back on your feet and living the life you want to live. 
Extra reference: Legal support by Babcock Partners, LLC

Chiropractic and Sports Injuries

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Whether you are a weekend, competitive or aspiring professional athlete – you want to perform at your very best, and AVOID injury at all cost (because that means not doing the things we truly love). There are a host of ways to achieve this that include proper training, massage, acupuncture, nutrition, AND chiropractic care.
Injury Prevention
It is essential, especially for athletes, to align the structure of the body so all muscles work effectively and ergonomically.  This functional integrity allows for increased:
•    Strength
•    Flexibility
•    Coordination
•    Circulation
All of these things dramatically reduce the risk for most injury as well as arthritis, inflammation, and general aches and pains.

Injury Treatment

The bad news is if you play, and train, hard you will eventually and inevitably sustain an injury. The good news is chiropractic adjustments and chiropractic care can get you back in action in no time. If you acquire an injury while at the gym, check out Cohen Law Group for advice on how you should proceed. Injuries can be sustained in a one-time traumatic event (think kicking a soccer ball and pulling a hamstring muscle, ouch) or overtime from overuse or incorrect training, weight lifting, etc. Either way, the joint and/or muscles are inflamed. Techniques that help heal include chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue rehabilitation and Kinesio taping.
Chiropractic adjustments are especially helpful with misaligned or fixated joints (joints where injury has caused there to be friction and reduction of movement). Bringing the body back into proper alignment increases the circulation to the joints which boosts fluid and nutrient exchange. Proper joint function increases muscle strength, coordination and mobility.
Soft tissue rehabilitation brings muscles, tendons and ligaments back to their proper function. There is a variety of techniques. The most effective include:
1.    Electrical stimulation – Or commonly called TENS, is the popularized name for electrical stimulation used on muscles and tissues to treat pain and inflammation.
2.    Active Release Technique (ART) –  Massage technique for overused soft tissue that has built up scar tissue, thus decreasing their proper function. ART providers use his or her hands to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements. Continue reading to learn much more about the body and ways we have figured out how to make it better. Check out the official ART website for more info –
3.    PNF Stretching – Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation is not really a type of stretching but is a technique of combining passive stretching and isometric stretching in order to achieve flexibility. It works great for preventing injuries because the muscles tension is lowered promoting greater flexibility and therefore reducing the risk of strained or sprained muscles.
Kinesio Taping – This is a technique that uses stretchy, cloth tape to facilitate the proper function of the physical body. It includes muscle relaxation and activation by applying the following methodology:
•    Taping over and around muscles in order to assist and give support or to prevent over-contraction.
•    Utilizing a number of corrective techniques to promote correct muscle and joint function
•    Affecting change in deeper layers of fascia by manipulating the skin and muscle.
•    Creating space underneath the skin to improve circulation and lymphatic drainage.
•    Pain relief by targeting the pain and the source of the pain

Meet the Wellness Center Chirporactors

Dr. Tim Price, D.C.
Dr. Price graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic in 2007.  He specializes in several techniques including Diversified, Thompson, Gonstead, activator protocol, as well as Impulse low-force, non-rotational adjusting for those who prefer an alternate method of experiencing adjustments. He has also been trained and certified to do extremity adjustments – ankle, wrist, elbow and shoulders. Additionally, he is certified in Pediatric Chiropractic and greatly enjoys working with small children and infants to provide relief for colic, croop, ear or sinus infections, digestive or sleep issues, and more.
Dr. Julia Fischel, D.C.
Dr. Julia moved to Colorado with her husband to start a new life away from the hustle and bustle of New York City. She graduated from Life University in Marietta, Georgia in 1999 and prides herself on keeping her patients at their optimal health. She employs many different techniques including SOT, Activator, Pin & Stretch, Flexion Distraction and Diversified. Her primary approach to adjustments is a gentle, non-force technique that draws women and children to her practice.

Chiropractic for Children

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The idea of a 3 year-old getting regular chiropractic adjustments for their ailments may sound far fetched, but for one little boy it gave him a chance at a normal childhood.
We wanted to bring a story back to life that we shared a few years back about a little boy named Joey, who was plagued with a host of symptoms concerning his upper cervical spine, due to a difficult birth. These symptoms included ear infections, Colic, asthma, gait problems, spinal dysfunctions, seizures, nausea, vomiting, digestive problems, migraines, restlessness, and insomnia– all at the ripe old age of THREE!! His family desperately searched for solutions to his symptoms, caused by the swelling in his brain, including four brain surgeries to try to drain the inflammation. With only a glimmer of hope left, they were introduced to Chiropractic from a close friend. Joey was understandably a bit reluctant at his first visit, but after a little coaxing he was relaxed enough to receive a chiropractic adjustment to his upper cervical spine called an Atlas adjustment. The shift in his vertebra basically took the pressure off his brain stem, which visibly and drastically reduced his symptoms. He instantly began to smile and was even able to run around the office! After several follow-up appointments Joey continued to regain his health and his childhood happiness, a success on so many levels.
Chiropractic care has helped children escape from a myriad of symptoms/ailments including:

  • Hyperactivity/ADD/ADHD
  • Immune Function
  • Respiratory Function

Check out the video below on Chiropractic for Kids. It was produced by the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) so they are obviously big proponents but it is very insightful:

Dr. Tim Price is certified in Pediatric Chiropractic and greatly enjoys working with small children and infants to provide relief for colic, croop, ear or sinus infections, digestive or sleep issues, and more.
Dr. Julia Fischel is certified in Pediatric care and loves working with children.  In addition, she is also certified in the Webster Technique, which addresses pre- and post-natal health from a chiropractic perspective.

Cupping Therapy for Pain in Denver

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Fire cupping cups on back of female patient in Acupuncture therapy
Pain can be one of the most difficult experiences to manage and treat. Many times a person with chronic pain will need to try several different modalities before finding something that works. If you’re interested in natural, alternative therapies for pain you’ll want to be aware of the Chinese therapy called Cupping. This therapy has been around for thousands of years and isn’t widely known about in the western world but is gaining in popularity.
What is cupping?
Cupping can be traced to ancient Egypt over 3000 years ago and in today’s world is practiced in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The treatment creates a partial vacuum on the skin using cups. The result is a suction that increases blood and energy flow to the area. The increase of circulation facilitates localized healing.
The way Cupping relieves pain is by opening up the meridians, or energy channels, of the body and improving energy flow to every organ and tissue of the body. Cupping also triggers body tissues to release toxins and activates the lymphatic system which helps to alleviate aches and pains.
The cupping process:
Glass cups are generally used for cupping, although bamboo cups are also used. Glass cups are fitted with a valve that attaches to a small hand-operated pump, allowing the practitioner to suck out air without having to rely on fire to depressurize the cup first. It also gives them greater control over the amount of suction. The modern name for cupping is baguanfa or suction cup therapy.
In order to allow the cups to move over the skin easily, oil is used. Oils that have been infused with extracts of medicinal herbs are particularly useful. The cups are applied at room temperature, and there is some friction generated with moving cups, causing a small but significant amount of heat, especially if a warming oil is also used.
Cups are generally left in place for ten minutes although the time can range from five to fifteen minutes. The skin will redden due to the congestion of blood flow. The cup is removed from the skin by pressing the skin on one side, allowing some outside air to enter and thus equalise the pressure. Some bruising on the skin where the rim of the cup is to be expected.
What can cupping relieve?
This natural treatment isn’t only great for back pain, Cupping can be an excellent noninvasive treatment of:

  • Body pain including but not limited to knee pain, elbow pain, back and neck pain, pain in the legs, low back pain, hand pain
  • Acute pain such as sprains and strains
  • Dull aches and pains, arthritis
  • Edema and swellings
  • Respiratory issues like asthma, chronic cough, and bronchitis
  • Abdominal pain, stomachache and indigestion
  • Painful menstruation and associated low back pain
  • Coughs from excessive mucus

If you struggle with any of the above ailments it may be time to give Cupping a try. The Wellness Center’s Dr. Tim Price and Dr. Shwu-Yar Tsai both offer Cupping in Denver and can work with you to create the perfect treatment plan. Schedule your appointment today.
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Prenatal & Perinatal Chiropractic Care

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Article written by Dr.Julia Fischel
Prenant-belliesMost people know that chiropractic care is a safe and gentle, drug-free way to prevent and treat neck and back pain during pregnancy but did you know that chiropractic can be an important pregnancy health tool even if you don’t have pain?
As the baby develops, pregnancy hormones cause pelvic ligaments to loosen in order to accommodate the growing baby. As the weight increases in the mother’s lower abdomen, her center of gravity begins to shift forward. This forward shift causes the pelvis to tilt forward which increases the lumbar curve. The increased “sway” in the low back leads to secondary compensations in the mother’s mid-back and neck as the body seeks to balance these pelvic and lumbar biomechanical changes. Tight and weak muscles caused by prolonged sitting, improper ergonomics at work, and sloppy lifting techniques can exacerbate these postural changes and lead to imbalance and pain. And unfortunately, a mother with a history of back pain prior to pregnancy can experience exaggerated symptoms. Chiropractic adjustments support a healthy spine by addressing these biomechanical changes caused by pregnancy. In addition, gentle adjustments to the pelvis and spine help reduce the tension on the spinal nerves caused by spinal joint dysfunction.
Pelvic misalignments can also lead to undue stress on the uterus and supporting uterine ligaments and are a key factor in “intrauterine constraint” and crowding. Chiropractors who are trained in the Webster Technique can help establish and maintain pelvic alignment and reduce muscle tension and intrauterine constraint, thereby, allowing the baby the space he or she needs to get into the optimal delivery position. A baby in the proper birth position can help decrease symptoms of dystocia (painful delivery) and help reduce the need for Cesarean intervention. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA) recommends that women receive pre-natal chiropractic care to establish and maintain pelvic alignment and optimize the room for baby’s growth and development throughout the various stages of pregnancy.
PerinatalDuring the 8 weeks following labor and delivery, the loosened ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy state. Spinal and pelvic misalignments caused by postural changes resulting from awkward and heavy lifting-reaching, lifting baby in and out of cribs and strollers and carrying heavy baby accessories should be addressed.  This is important as these ligaments return to their pre-pregnancy state, which helps reduce muscle spasm, back pain, sciatica, neck pain, rib and shoulder pain. Gentle chiropractic adjustments during this time also allows for less neck and upper back pain while breastfeeding. Chiropractor Marlton NJ is a real expert in this field.
You have to be very careful and attentive to everything you use and eat, you must ask yourself what’s in the product? Each time you decide to consume something new. In addition to getting the proper nutrition, plenty of exercise, rest, and maintaining a positive mental attitude, chiropractic care from a Pre-natal and Pediatric care specialist is an important part of your Peri-Natal healthcare routine!

Benefits of Prenatal Chiropractic Care

  • Overall Health and Wellbeing
  • Drug-free Neck & Back Pain Management
  • Optimal Position for Baby
  • Easier Labor & Delivery

Call the Wellness Center today for a Chiropractic Session with Dr. Julia | 303-357-9533

How Chiropractic Can Help with Injuries, Trauma and Overall Physical Health

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vWhat is Chiropractic?

According to The Association of Chiropractic Colleges, “Chiropractic is a health care discipline which emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.  The practice of Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between structure (primarily the spine) and function (as coordinated by the nervous system) and how that relationship affects the preservation and restoration of health.”
Fundamental approach to the Boynton Beach Chiropractor is the belief that good health depends upon having your spine and nervous system working at their best.  Chiropractors approach health care differently than traditional medicine.  Rather than using medications and surgery, Chiropractors correct misalignments of the spine which helps the nervous system function properly.

Who Can Chiropractic Help?

People have been turning to Chiropractic health care for over a century.  They have sought treatment for a wide variety of ailments, from migraines to back pain.  The following is a brief summary of circumstances where Chiropractic is an appropriate health care choice.
You have been in an accident:
Trauma can cause spinal misalignments which can in in turn distort your structure and irritate your nerves, bones, ligaments and discs. Florida Spine and Injury Chiropractors warn that any accident, no matter how minor, can create nerve-damaging misalignments.  We can give you a spinal check-up to ensure that your spine is free from these health compromising changes and to prevent any long term damage.
You have a sports or work related injury:
When a subluxation has been caused by repetitive stress or overuse at work or at play, spinal nerves may be impeded.  This may in turn negatively affect one’s range of motion, strength, reflexes, endurance, and ultimately performance.  Chiropractic can help your body restore normal nerve function and help you get back to your peak in both play and work.
You are simply in pain:
Interruption of proper nerve flow, for whatever reason, can eventually lead to pain, disability, and an overall decrease in the quality of life.  You don’t need to live with it-we can help you get to the root of the problem, set your body up to heal, and restore your health.
You are pregnant:
The additional weight and stress on the framework of the body during pregnancy can cause pain in almost any part of the body.  Because pregnant women are reluctant to take an over-the-counter and prescription pain relievers, they often turn to Chiropractic care to help alleviate pains associated with pregnancy.  In addition, we can also offer lifestyle (especially nutrition and exercise) advice specific to the expectant mother.
You have a little one:
Babies and children grow quickly, and their muscles, ligaments and bones develop rapidly.  A jump, tumble, or fall can jar the body, affect the spine (and possibly the nervous system), and then go undetected for years.  Even simple factors, such as a heavy backpack or an ill-fitting car seat, can have negative effects on a child’s health.
Conditions seen:
Chiropractic care is effective for a wide variety of conditions.  The following is a partial list of the most common.

  • Allergies
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Generalized low back pain
  • Disc problems
  • Headaches
  • Joint dysfunction
  • Whiplash
  • Neurological conditions
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Infantile colic

In summary
Have your spine checked regularly to ensure proper function of your nervous system, which leads to improved health and lifestyle!
Click here to learn more about The Wellness Center’s chiropractic services.

Avoid Sports Injuries This Summer with Chiropractic Care

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This summer, the last thing you want is to be injured and out of commission for a while. Being active comes with the risks of injuring yourself, especially if you don’t prevent yourself from getting hurt. Chiropractic care can help prevent you from sports injuries.
Whether you are a professional athlete, someone who is active over the weekends, or just someone who works at a law firm and joins the firm’s summer softball team, injuries can happen. Although they can’t be completely avoided, they can be minimized. Chiropractic is a balanced approach to healing sports injuries.
Chiropractic adjustments help return spinal segments to normal mobility, which helps supportive tissues such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Physical therapy through a chiropractor also helps the injured areas return to normal function faster and easier than without.
When a chiropractor adjusts your spine, it is helping to produce optimized overall health. Your nervous system and immune system benefit greatly when the spine is aligned properly because they are all connected. Your spine interacts with your nervous system, which in turn interacts with the immune system. If the spine is injured, the nervous system cannot function properly, causing the immune system to function improperly. If you continue to play sports and be active after an injury, you cannot perform as efficiently as you could. Your structural system needs to be balanced in order to perform efficiently.
Massage and nutritional support can also be beneficial for injuries such as ankle sprains, muscle strain, tendonitis, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, and many other joint problems.
Not only can chiropractic care help soothe aches and pains but it is also a good method of preventing those aches and pains. By starting a chiropractic treatment routine before you get into all those summer activities you can help reduce the risk of an injury later on. Since this form of care helps promote overall health, you can continue to be healthy and happy, injury free, by going to routine chiropractic visits.
Instead of seeking drugs and possible surgery to cure your injuries, chiropractic care finds non-invasive ways to treat your injuries. These non-invasive ways reduce the risk of drug abuse, issues with surgeries, and any other complications that come with other health care methods.
This summer prevent injuries that can postpone the fun and enjoyment that comes along with the warmer months with chiropractic care. Your chiropractor will create a treatment plan specifically for you, whether you are already injured or looking to avoid injury in the future.
About the Author:
Charlotte chiropractor, Dr. Alec Khlebopros is pleased to bring you this article on avoiding sports injuries with chiropractic care. If you are looking for a chiropractor in Charlotte, please be sure to check out their website today.

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50% of Heart Attack Victims have Normal Cholesterol Levels – Get the info that could save your life!

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The common perception is that having “normal” cholesterol equates to a low risk of cardiovascular disease or heart attacks. First responders from WTA and other members of the medical community has been working hard to dispel this misconception for numerous years. They have been educating people on research from organizations like The National Heart Lung and Blood Institute and advanced cholesterol testing technology.
Cholesterol testing has historically been used as the standard indicator for cardiovascular disease classified as HDL (good) or LDL (bad). If your total cholesterol was under 200 mg/dL, your HDL was at least 60 mg/dL and your LDL wasn’t higher than 100 mg/dL then you were considered “healthy”. The trick is that there is MUCH more to know about cholesterol than these basic and high-level numbers. There are different sizes of HDL and LDL particles and some are much more dangerous than others. It is necessary to find out the size/density and number of these particles to accurately determine your cardiovascular risk. For example more than 30% of the population has cholesterol-depleted LDL, a condition in which a patient’s cholesterol may be “normal” but their lipoprotein particle number, and hence their actual risk, could be much higher than expected. See image below for more details.
The Wellness Center offers an advanced cholesterol test called the Lipoprotien Partical Profile (LPP) from Spectacell Laboratories. This simple, yet sophisticated test evaluates not only your total cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglyceride levels. It also assesses 7 other risk factors including:

  • Lipoprotien particle number – the higher number the higher the risk
  • Liproprotien (a) – known as the “widow maker” for causes heart attacks quickly and at a young age
  • Homocysteine – inflammatory agent that causes artery clogging

“The LLP is my favorite test of all time for it truly can, and does, save lives.” proclaims Dr. Tiffany Binder, Naturopathic Doctor at The Wellness Center. “With cardiovascular disease being the number one killer of men and women in our country, it feels good to have accurate information to not only educate my patients about their risks, but also put together a plan to help minimize them.”
This test is ideal for everyone above the age of 30 to do on an annual basis, BUT is highly recommended for people who:

  • Have a family history of, or have been diagnosed with heart disease or diabetes
  • Are taking cholesterol-lowering medications
  • Have low HDL
  • Have high LDL or triglycerides
  • Are overweight

Most Insurance Covers the LPP
This test is very affordable if you don’t have health insurance. But if you do have even catastrophic insurance with a high deductable the test will most likely only cost you a basic co-pay. So no excuses. Make your appointment today to see if you are at risk! 303-357-9355
Learn More About Cholesterol
Join us for an informative workshop:
“The Truths and Myths Behind Cholesterol” with Dr. Tiffany Binder, ND
Date: Tues. Feb 28st
Time: 6-7:30 pm
Cost: FREE
Location: The Wellness Center
Click here for more information or call 303-357-9355

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Adjust Your Cold

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When your nose starts running or you get a tickle in your throat, grab some vitamin C, drink lots of fluids, get rest AND book yourself a chiropractor appointment immediately. What? Yes, chiropractic care has been proven to improve immune function, and this is not a new development. During the 1917-18 influenza epidemic, which killed 500,000 Americans, and an estimated 20 million people world-wide, chiropractors shinned. Most western medical facilities were losing 1 out of 15 patients, while according to one study, 213 chiropractic doctors across the country treated 4,193 cases, 4,104 of which recovered completely!
How does chiropractic care help boost the immune system?
The simple answer is that due to normal, everyday life (as well as accidents, sports, injuries, etc) the spine, which is part of the central nervous system, gets out of alignment. This is called a vertebral subluxation which places pressure on nerves, thus resulting in improper function of the nervous system which is responsible for pretty much ALL bodily functions – be it movement, digestion, respiration, AND immunity. All of which is regulated by neurons sending messages and releasing neurotransmitters that inform the body of our internal and external needs. So for example, if a nerve that typically sends out a message to release more white blood cells to help fight bacteria or infection in the body is unable to do its job, then we will be more likely to fall ill. This is overly simplified, but you get the idea.
Proof is in the pudding
Dramatic events like the influenza outbreak as well as growing credibility for the field has created a flurry of scientific research into chiropractic care and its ability to rebalance the body – especially when it comes to immunity. One of the most important studies showing the positive effect chiropractic care can have on the immune system and general health was performed by Ronald Pero, Ph.D., chief of cancer prevention research at New York’s Preventive Medicine Institute and professor of medicine at New York University. Dr. Pero measured the immune systems of people under chiropractic care as compared to those in the general population and those with cancer and other serious diseases. In his initial three-year study of 107 individuals who had been under chiropractic care for five years or more, the chiropractic patients were found to have a 200% greater immune competence than people who had not received chiropractic care, and 400% greater immune competence than people with cancer and other serious diseases. The immune system superiority of those under chiropractic care did not diminish with age. Dr. Pero stated, “When applied in a clinical framework, I have never seen a group other than this chiropractic group to experience a 200% increase over the normal patients. This is why it is so dramatically important.”
Another important study was performed at the Sid E. Williams Research Center of Life Chiropractic University. The researchers took a group of HIV positive patients and adjusted them over a six-month period. What they found was that the “patients that were adjusted had an increase of forty-eight percent (48%) in the CD4 cells (an important immune system component).” These measurements were taken at the patients’ independent medical center, where they were under medical supervision for the condition. The control group (the patients that were not adjusted) did not demonstrate this dramatic increase in immune function, but actually experienced a 7.96% decrease in CD4 cell counts over the same period.
These are just two of many scientific explorations that truly prove (in black and white) that taking care of your spine has a myriad of benefits, but can dramatically improve your ability to fight off the bad guys and stay healthy!
Pero R. “Medical Researcher Excited By CBSRF Project Results.” The Chiropractic Journal, August 1989; 32.
Selano JL, Hightower BC, Pfleger B, Feeley-Collins K, Grostic JD. “The Effects of Specific Upper Cervical Adjustments on the CD4 Counts of HIV Positive Patients.” The Chiro Research Journal; 3(1); 1994.

Chiropractic Kills Back Pain

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There is absolutely NO reason to live in pain. You don’t’ have to get into a car crash or have a major trauma to experience bodily pain, specifically back pain. Simple every day, mundane tasks can aggravate the body (i.e. gardening, racking, bending over, lifting, etc). It doesn’t matter if you are out of shape and overweight or an Olympic athlete, it is just the body’s natural way of responding to stress from repetitive micro-traumas. These tiny, and most likely unnoticeable occurrences cause more issues and pain over time than a large, one-time trauma.

Two types of back pain
All back pain hurts, ouch, but it is caused by two very different issues and it is extremely important to have it diagnosed properly by a chiropractic, osteopath in W1 or a medical doctor so proper treatment can be administered. The first type of pain originates from a myofacial or soft tissue (muscle and tendons) problem. Typically this is caused by overuse – chronic bending, bad posture, repetitive movement like raking, shoveling or mowing the lawn. Treatment for myofacial issues includes soft tissue manipulation by chiropractors as well as traditional massage therapy.
Back pain also stems from joint misalignment in the spine, shoulders, neck and hips which can easily occur in everyday life. When there is an issue with a joint, it causes the soft tissue around them to strain which can be very uncomfortable. Chiropractic adjustments bring the bones back into proper alignment, thus easing the soft tissue burden – allowing them return to their proper pain-free, ergonomic, healthy state. Massage therapy is also recommended in conjunction with chiropractic to regain soft tissue harmony.
You can visit for information on what may be causing you pain but the best way to figure out how to solve your back pain is to consult your chiropractor or medical doctor. Simple acute issues can be solved fairly easy (with a couple visits) when addressed immediately. When left untreated, they easily become chronic problems that need chronic care! The moral of the story is, if you feel pain, GET HELP!
Chiropractic works well to alleviate all kinds of pain including:

  • Low back and mid-back
  • Shoulder
  • Neck
  • Knee
  • Shoulder
  • Hip