12 Months of Wellness

12 Months of Wellness | Month 2 – The Benefits of Massage

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This month’s intention is all about the healing benefits of regular massage. It’s a well documented fact that touch is essential for human beings. Infants who are deprived of touch do not thrive as those who experience regular touch from care takers, even if all of their other needs have been met. Many of us live a touch deprived life. It is less allowable in our culture to touch one another, to make simple physical contact.
Massage is one way to meet our need for touch, and it has many other benefits as well. Massage can benefit almost any condition weather physical, mental or emotional. The general benefits of massage are that it:

  • Reduces pain
  • Increases attentiveness
  • Reduces stress hormones
  • Improves immune function
  • Decreases symptoms of depression
  • Improves sleep patterns (quantity and quality)

The benefits of massage are measured subjectively, meaning that the recipient of the massage perceives a change in their pain, emotional state, or the symptoms of their condition. The benefits of massage are also measured in objective terms, meaning that other people are able to observe the result or changes, or that there are tests that measure the changes.
Depression, anxiety, aggression, ADHD, sleep disorders, and self/body satisfaction have all been shown to improve with the application of regular massage. People in studies are shown to have decreased symptoms by subjective report as well as measuring biochemical indicators such as lower levels of the stress hormones cortisol and norepinephrine, lower diastolic blood pressure, and increased levels of dopamine.
Sleep disturbances and insomnia can range from mild to severe in their effect on our lives. Inability to function well at work, irritability, lowered immune function, and depression can all result. Luckily massage can also help us sleep better. By treating some of the most common causes of sleep disturbances like pain, anxiety, and stress, massage has been shown to allow people to fall asleep earlier and stay asleep longer.
Massage alters the biochemistry of the body. Massage has been shown to decrease levels of cortisol, norepinephrine, and epinephrine – all stress related hormones, and increase the levels of feel good hormones dopamine and serotonin. Another one of the benefits of massage is that it boosts the immune system by elevating the amounts of natural killer cells.
Some of the benefits of massage are more well known like its ability to soften, lengthen, and relax muscle tissue, thereby increasing relaxation and preventing injury. Massage is also a great reliever of pain whether chronic or acute. And don’t underestimate the power of the most well known benefit of massage – it feels good!!!
This month we welcome you to experience the benefits of massage. Introduce massage one or two times this month or if you receive regular massage try a different kind and see what it can do for your well-being. Download this month’s  intention setting guide to help you set your massage intentions.
Here are my intentions so you can see how simple this can be:

Set Healthy, Achievable Intentions All Year Long

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It’s the new year and you’re probably thinking about all the ways you can be healthier and happier in 2017. Imagine being reminded every month to take small actions toward your health and wellness. What if you also had a community to share your intentions and help keep you accountable?
The Wellness Center created a program to help you improve your life all year long. We call it 12 Months of Wellness and we’re kicking it off again for the third year. This time around we are gifting you an entire Digital Intention Booklet to keep your intentions in one place. We invite you to use this booklet as a monthly practice to set clear intentions each month and to take small steps toward your health goals. Also, printed booklets will be available for purchase at the front desk soon, ask next time you come in for an appointment.
The sad truth is that only 8% of people are able to achieve their resolutions each year. Our 12 Months of Wellness program encourages you to set small achievable goals each month. Small daily lifestyle changes add up to make a huge difference in your overall health and well-being.
Each month we focus on a new self care theme and encourage you to stay focused on that area of your life that month. Use your Intention Booklet to set your own intentions each month. Then share your intention on our Facebook page to receive support and encouragement to reach your healthy goals all year long.
Start today by downloading your Intention Booklet and set your overall intention for how you want to feel in your daily life.
Did you participate in the 12 Months of Wellness in 2016? We want to hear from you. Share your biggest take-away or favorite month in the comments below.

12 Months of Wellness | Month 1 – Setting Intentions…Small Changes Make a Big Difference

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12Wellness_1_IntentionSetting-Answers-Web2If you’re like most people you set several big New Year’s resolutions to improve yourself in some way. As much as the good intentions are there, studies have shown that only 8% of people are able to achieve their resolutions. That got us thinking…what if we shifted the way we think about resolutions so that we can actually implement our goals and make real change, a little bit at a time? Part of our mission at The Wellness Center is to help people improve their overall health and wellness. What if we encouraged you to commit to small changes each and every month? Imagine what your life will look like this time next year!
We are excited to continue our concept alive for the yearly resolution: 12 Months of Wellness. Because so many resolutions end up falling through the cracks a few months into the year, our challenge to you is to set small, realistic and healthy intentions every month.  Even though big goals are inspiring to have, in terms of daily health and well-being, the truth is: Small changes make a big difference.
So, each month we will have a new self care theme and you will receive an intention setting guide that you can download, print out and keep on your fridge or somewhere else visible, to remind and inspire you how you want to feel in your body and in your life. Set your intentions at the beginning of the month and we will give you the tools and support on our blog and Facebook Page to accomplish them throughout the year. We are excited to see how you transform!
Here are my intentions so you can see how simple this can be:
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Are you ready to make small changes each month to create healthy habits all year long? Leave a comment and let us know what you will do this month to live healthier and happier. We look forward to guiding you along the way! Download the first 2 guides below to get started!
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