I recently read an article called Grief and the Modern Entrepreneur and had an AHA moment. Chris Beer, the author of this blog post on grief, struck a nerve.

While the word “grief” tends to bring to mind the death of a loved one, grief can be experienced through a variety of life events, including losses of friendships, relationships, health, and even loss of traditional gatherings like holidays, weddings, graduations and other milestones.

We are all grieving some type of loss in our lives, as we have lost our sense of day to day normalcy. We are all collectively grieving the old normal, the pre-pandemic days. There is a collective “heavy” energy, where people are having trouble making decisions that normally would be easy. There is a feeling of aimlessness, and increased frustration with everyday tasks.

Many individuals are unable to work at the pace that they used to before the pandemic. Not because they are lazy or lack work ethic, but because we are all emotionally spread thin. I see it at The Wellness Center. Doing healing bodywork is taxing on our therapists, when so many of our clients are seeking an outlet to let go of their frustration and tensions. Our practitioners and staff, now more than ever, need to take care of their physical and emotional well-being.

What is the solution?

  • Recognize and embrace the grieving process
  • Nourish yourself with sleep, healthy food, and hydration
  • Give yourself and others grace
  • Reach out for support, share your feelings and struggles with your friends and family
  • Volunteer your time and engage in acts of kindness

Studies have shown that when you volunteer and engage in acts of kindness, your happiness level rises. Take time this holiday season to give to those in need. Like any grieving process, we will get through this, we just need to give ourselves time to heal. Happy Thanksgiving to you!

In Gratitude,