I began my journey as a massage therapist at The Wellness Center (TWC) in 2004 soon after graduating from the Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado.  While enjoying a bite to eat with friends after a hot soak at Idaho Springs Hot Springs, a lovely man, who had worked at the Springs, told me about TWC where he currently worked. He told us how wonderful The Wellness Center was and that we should look into working there after we graduated as they were looking for qualified therapists.  So, after a few months of working at a local spa way too much for way too little, I walked through the doors of The Wellness Center and found a new home.  I was surrounded by skilled and highly trained practitioners.  We talked over techniques and different ways to support our clients and each other.  I remember being encouraged to fully embrace my talents and was supported by Sharon and Kris and so many others to do just that.  At that time, I had a few clients who followed me from school and the spa.  It was always my intention to have my own personal practice and after about two years that intention became my reality.  I said goodbye to TWC knowing that my time spent there was filled with love, support and friendships that would stand the test of time.

Walking through the welcoming doors of The Wellness Center

When the financial turmoil of 2008 hit, my personal practice was hardly affected.  However, for my clients, that was not the case.  Many of them needed to make life altering career shifts to endure the country’s economic hardship.  I found myself saying farewell to many of my clients as they found new lives in South Carolina, Illinois, California, and New Mexico.  This change left my personal practice unable to support my needs.  In 2012, I found myself walking through the welcoming doors of The Wellness Center once again.  I have been nestled in ever since.  This amazing place is filled with knowledgable, kindhearted individuals who share their own magnificent and unique healing gifts for the benefit of all who need them.  I like to think of The Wellness Center as a beautifully crafted tapestry woven from the unique threads of the many talented humans that thrive there.  I offer knowledge through years of training in Neuromuscular Therapy, Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki Energy work, yoga and yet, I am just one of several therapists and practitioners at The Wellness Center.  The quality of care, treatment and skill of these impressive humans humbles me each time I walk through those still welcoming doors.  I am so grateful to be one thread in this beauty we weave.

YOU are a part of our tapestry

I am forever grateful for the support and care of the administrative team at TWC.  Sharon, Kris, Yosevine, Hayli and all the members of the team work together with the practitioners to ensure balance, harmony, safety and a caring experience for our clients.  As much as I am grateful to those that call TWC their “work home”, I am equally as grateful to the many clients who have trusted me to be a part of their process in healing.  To my clients, I say thank you!  To all the clients who have walked through the doors of The Wellness Center, I say thank you!  You are a part of the beautiful crafted tapestry that has been woven over the last 20 years.   Here’s to the next 20!  Oh!  And the lovely man who told me and my friends about The Wellness Center 18 years ago?  Well, that was the amazing therapist Mr. Bill Woodall who, to this very day, offers his masterful therapeutic skills at TWC.

Carrie Sanders, LMT