To Our Generous Clients,

Wow!  Thank you for being a beacon of light in the darkness of this challenging time.  I am blown away by the strength of our community and your generosity.  With your help, we raised over $16,000 for our Massage Therapist Fund!  I was able to match $10,000 and combined, this money allowed us to pay our practitioners 50% of their usual monthly commissions during our recent closure.

THANK YOU!  This financial relief has meant the world to all of our Massage Therapists and we could not be more grateful for your support.  We will continue to raise and save money for our practitioners in a COVID Fund.  This money will be used to financially support any practitioners who may contract the virus in the future and would then need to stop working to recover and protect our clients.  If you feel inspired to contribute, you may do so here.

We are all looking forward to seeing you when we reopen our doors on Saturday, May 9th!  Until then, stay healthy, safe and sane.