Our Dear Wellness Community,

It is hard to believe that it has been less than 2 weeks since we closed our doors and now we are all at home practicing social distancing.

How are you coping with this drastic lifestyle change?  I have to admit that I feel a HUGE amount of sadness. Every day I feel like I am on the verge of crying, and today I went into The Wellness Center to pick up our mail and water our plants and broke down crying.   I know I am grieving the loss of work for all of my practitioners and staff; loss of wellness care and connection for our clients; loss of my daughter’s 8th birthday party (which we did one virtually instead), loss of physical connection with our friends and family, in a nutshell the loss of “normal” everyday life.

The best thing I have done to overcome my sadness is to just allow myself to cry.  It is typically not socially acceptable to cry, but I think during this time we should encourage everyone to cry and grieve as much as they need to release these emotions we are feeling.   This is a perfect time to practice radical compassion, having deep compassion for yourself and others as we navigate this new world.

Give yourself and others lots of grace.  Now more than ever, take time to do things that feel good.  Hot baths, yoga, meditation, good books, cooking, long walks in nature, long phone conversations with friends, movies, oh and did I mention chocolate?  This is the time to NOT be hard on yourself. I found that all least week I was famished, all I wanted to do was eat, so guess what? I allowed myself to eat whatever I chose, no restrictions.  I am also being gentle on myself when it comes to exercising. Getting outside for a walk, dancing around the house or doing yoga is the extent of my physical activity, but guess what? This is all the energy I can muster right now and it is OK!  It is OK to NOT be perfect (certainly not now or ever) and to let go of the things you did before COVID hit Denver.

For more on the grieving process and the pandemic, click here.

Our therapists are the crux of our business and they are going to be the hardest hit with our closure. We have created a couple of opportunities for our members and clients to help during this time.  Click here to learn more.

I look forward to seeing your smiling face on the other side of this.

Stay Healthy, Safe and Sane,