When & Why Are We Closing?

The Wellness Center is closed through April.  Our plan is to re-open Saturday, May 9th, 2020 with modified hours.  Please check back here for updates as we will continue to update this post.  If The Wellness Center is unable to re-open May 1st, we will be suspending all monthly membership fees for the month of May.  If you would like to donate your monthly fee to our Therapist Donation fund for May, click here to email us. 

What About Your Membership?

If you haven’t been able to use your March or April Membership Massages, rest assured they will not be lost.  We will be extending these massages to be valid through the rest of 2020 and we are making the rare exception to allow members to share their missed monthly massages with their spouse or partner.

Until COVID-19 transmission rates go WAY down, I would highly encourage our at risk clients; those with a compromised immune system or those over 60 to put their memberships on hold or cancel their memberships, until things slow down.  Please email me here if you need to place your membership on hold.

How Can We Support Each Other?

This is will be a very difficult time for all of us.  Our therapists, practitioners and staff are no exception.

I wanted to offer some solutions for how you can support The Wellness Center team, if you so choose.

1)      Please consider keeping your massage membership active during this time!  This will help pad the financial loss that The Center will be experiencing over the next year as things level out.

In the event that we do not open in May, and we charge your account for your May membership, the massage will be valid for an entire year, through May 1st, 2021, you can share this massage with a friend once we re-open, OR you may donate 100% of your monthly membership fee to our massage therapist donation fund where all of the funds will go towards paying therapists if they need to take time off based on COVID!   Email me with questions.

2)      Consider purchasing gift cards for future visits click here to purchase.

3)      Donate directly to our Massage Therapist support fund.

Please follow us on social media, we will be sharing updates and creative ways to stay well.

In Health,