The COVID-19 virus, commonly known as the Coronavirus has “landed” in Colorado.  Our team at The Wellness Center is keeping tabs on the situation and creating a plan of action to protect YOU, our clients, our staff, and all of our practitioners.  Click here to read about what you can do personally to protect you and your family from the virus.

How We’re the Space and our Clients Safe

Admin Staff are: 
  • Each admin wiping down all surfaces, door handles, light switches, water dispenser handles, etc. at the start of their shift, which means we are sanitizing our Center 2-3 times daily. 
  • Anti-bacterial gel and wipes have been placed in each room so therapists can also wipe down room door knobs, chair and face cradle after every single session. 
  • Anti-bacterial gel has been placed at the front desk for quick and easy access for all.
  • We have minimized items at the front desk that are readily handy to clients, such as one pen to sign receipts instead of a holder full of them, we are using clients’ saved credit cards instead of handling their physical credit card.
  • Pre-screening of clients to ensure they don’t have flu like symptoms, have traveled internationally to any of the red zones in the past month, or have had direct contact with anyone that has been tested positive for COVID19, if so we ask they wait 30 days before coming into The Center

Therapists and Practitioners are: 

  • Washing their hand and arms thoroughly before and after each client
  • Staying home if they show any signs of illness
  • Declining treatment to clients that come in showing symptoms of illness
  • Wiping down face cradle with anti-bacterial spray or wipes after each client
  • Wiping down the chair and room door handles after each client 

What You Can Do To Help

Remember, we can’t stress out about things that are out of our control.  Instead pour your energy into things that you do have control over. Reduce your stress levels, boost your immune system and start planning (just in case) if we need to go into a period of quarantining our families.
The other key part of maintaining a clean and safe environment for all depends on you, our clients.  If you are sick or starting to show symptoms of sickness, we ask that you stay home. While we uphold a strict 4 hour cancellation policy, we will waive this fee for sickness and emergencies.  We also expect the same awareness and mindfulness of our therapists. If they are not feeling well, they will stay home and we will contact you immediately and do our best to reschedule your appointment.  Massage requires close contact, so our goal with this policy is to avoid spreading diseases or putting anyone at risk of being near someone who is contagious. With their livelihood at risk, at The Wellness Center, it is the therapist’s right to refuse treatment to any client that appears to be sick. While we want to honor and support everyone on their health and wellness journey, we must adhere to strict guidelines during this time.

Will The Wellness Center close?

The Wellness Center is committed to staying open during this stressful time and maintaining a safe space for all of our clients, staff and practitioners to come in and receive services.

The Wellness Center will close it’s doors if either of the following occur:

  1. If any staff member or practitioner tests positive for COVID-19 The Wellness Center will shut down for 72 hours
  2. Governor Polis or Mayor Hancock requests a city or statewide quarantine and non-essential businesses are asked to close temporarily

Please do what is best for YOU and your family.  If you need to place your membership on hold until this passes, please email us at info (at)

Boost Your Immune System with us on Wellness Wednesday

Starting March 18th, The Wellness Center will begin offering immune boosting Wellness Wednesdays to our clients!  From 2-4pm come in and get a B-12 shot (immune booster) for $25 ($5 savings), no appointment needed just pop in. We will also be doing the 14 day Conscious Cleanse starting April 8th!  If you are interested in joining Learn More & Register Here!

I can’t wait for warmer weather and spring to come!

Stay calm and healthy,

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