In May 2012, while I was still in college, I came out to Colorado from San Diego for a backpacking trip.  I had my sites set on a 5 day trek that would eventually take me up and over Long’s Peak and a little further beyond.  At this point, I had only ever been backpacking in California…in the summer. I think you can see where this is going.  At 13,000ft I ran straight into a snow storm, in my non-insulated, non-waterproof running shoes (rookie mistake, I know) and I suffered through a single freezing night in my tent.

Discovering The Beauty Of Denver

I decided the safest move was to turn around and head back down the mountain, giving me an extra 4 days in the city of Denver to roam around and explore.  On one of those days, I grabbed some lunch and went to eat at Wash Park. Even now, I remember feeling surprised and excited by the sight of SO many people out running around the park.  I was struck by how patient people were while driving, and how friendly everyone was at coffee shops and grocery stores. I thought, “wow! People seem truly healthy and happy here.” And you know what?  I was right!  Denver is rated the 4th Healthiest City in America. Click here to see the other top cities.  And as the great Elle Woods explained, exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy.”

What Makes Denver So Healthy And Happy?

80% of Denver residents report working out at least once per week!  And when asked why they work out, most residents report that they do so to feel good.  It seems to be working because just shy of 50% of Denver locals say they feel good about their overall health.  Plus, 40% of us report feeling satisfied or very satisfied with our fitness level here.  That’s almost a full 10% above the national average.

Grateful To Live In Colorful Colorado

Coming from San Diego, I could feel how different it was here.  You can tell folks care about their health and about being outside.  In Denver, we’ve built up a culture around this lifestyle and I love that!  I love hiking or walking with friends as a way to catch up and spend time together.  I love that dabbling in sports is so common here, and that even elite athletes come to Colorado to train.  I love how infinite the mountains feel and the sense that we could explore them our entire lives and continue to be surprised.  What a gift it is to live here in Colorful Colorado!

Wishing you continued health and happiness,

Hayli Nemeth

Marketing Director