I think there is a myth going around, that people should be “happy” all of the time.  Reality check, NO ONE is happy all of the time.  We are complex human beings with a spectrum of emotions that we experience every day, week, year, lifetime.   We experience a wide variety of emotions, from joy and happiness, to overwhelm, stress and upset.  Many times we feel inadequate if we are not happy and bubbly all the time.

Break The Happiness Myth

I am here to tell you to break the “Happiness Myth” and instead ask yourself, “Are you at peace?” “Am I at Peace?”  This question provides me with a lot of comfort, as there are some things in life that are outside of my control, that I just need to be at peace with.  AND there are some things that are in your control, but you made a mistake along the way because you were moving too quickly and made a wrong decision, or you didn’t do enough research and picked the wrong vendor.   Case in point, I picked a guy to re-tile a bathroom for us.  I found him on Nextdoor.com, didn’t do any research on him and gave him the job.  You can see where this is going… he ended up stealing from us and did a crappy job.  I was soooo mad and angry about it, my poor husband had to finish the job.  He was not a very happy camper. At that point what could I do?  The decision had been made and I had clearly made a bad decision which created additional stress in our lives.  Clearly it was a sign that I needed to slow down and be more careful.  We are all human, and as such, we are wired to make mistakes and hopefully we learn from them and improve our lives.

Life Is Not So Bad

Even when I make bad decisions, I am still at peace with life.  I realize that many of my day to day problems pale in comparison to other people’s lives.  Many families are struggling to survive and put food on the table, so many people are sick and their lives revolve around their health, many live in areas that are war torn and experiencing massive famine.  When you think of life on a spectrum, when you are able bodied, have your health, you are surrounded by people that love you and have a food in your belly and a warm bed to sleep in.  Life is not so bad.

Wishing you peace and light,