Often, I get asked, “what do Chiropractors do?” Chiropractic Care balances the body by realigning the joints and removing nerve interference, both to improve bio-mechanical function and to enhance brain-body communication.

Massage on the other hand, helps to relax the muscles, release stress, and make space for a more easeful adjustment. Receiving massage is a very “passive experience”, the therapist does all of the work, and the client simply receives. Chiropractic Care and massage are very complementary to one another, it is generally recommended to book your massage and adjustment on the same day.

Physical Therapy essentially builds strength in your muscles and body and is a very “active” experience where the client has to participate and put forth effort. We can build strength by going to a gym though, so why would someone see a Physical Therapist? A Physical Therapist can suggest appropriate exercises, specifically tailored to your body and make corrections to your form while you’re performing the exercise.

Considering Physical Therapy

I recently suffered a wrist injury and I was trying at all costs to avoid surgery. My chiropractor did a great job of adjusting my wrist, neck, and shoulder. I wanted to also work with a Physical Therapist so that I could build up strength in my muscles to support my Chiropractic adjustments. When we are out of alignment, Chiropractic Care essentially helps us find balance again. By strengthening the muscles that support our joints, we can make the most of our adjustments and ensure that they will hold for longer. Therefore, the energy we exert in building strength through Physical Therapy has lasting impacts and saves us work later.

I chose ActivCore Physical Therapy because they have a unique offering called Redcord. Redcord is a suspension device that supports the weight of your body during targeted exercises. It makes it possible to clearly isolate specific muscles. This ensures that other muscle groups are not compensating for your injury or misalignment while you’re working to build up targeted strength; therefore it is more effective and ultimately safer.

Once Per Month Rule

Staying healthy and well is a lifelong journey, and the treatments we get will vary over the years. While I have consistently received Chiropractic Care, there are some months where I do more physical therapy, while other months I may choose to do Massage or Acupuncture. The key is to do some type of self-care at least every month to maintain maximum health and well-being.

In Health,

Dr. Julia Fischel