The other day a colleague of mine asked me if I had a “favorite” practitioner at The Wellness Center.  Of course, being the owner I try to be objective and with confidence I can say that ALL of the practitioners at The Wellness Center are stellar, professional, and experts in their fields.

But, I do have to admit that my go to practitioner these days is Dr. Shwu Yar Tsai.  She has been practicing at The Wellness Center for close to 10 years!  She is truly a gifted healer.  In her sessions, she incorporates tuina (trigger point) massage, cupping, heat therapy and Acupuncture.   You get the total and complete session with Dr. Shwu, I would highly recommend booking at least a 90 minute session with her, so you get the complete experience.

Tuina & Acupuncture

If you are a little skiddish about  Acupuncture needles, you can always start with Tuina massage and the cupping.   BUT, I find Acupuncture to be extremely beneficial, try to keep an open mind.

Dr. Shwu is intuitive, compassionate, patient and humble.  She loves helping people.  Don’t be bashful with her, she is very no-nonsense.  I typically like to get completely undressed for her sessions, so she has complete access to get her work done, but rest assured you are always drapped by the sheet, Dr. Shwu will uncover the areas of the body she is working on.  If you are not ready to take it all off, feel free to dress down to your comfort level as that is what is most important.  It took me a little while to get used to getting completed totally naked for sessions (whether it be massage or Acupuncture), once you do, you will never go back.

Shwu’s Other Projects

Dr. Shwu is also a published author.  Recently, she published a book in Chinese related to Tongue Diagnosis (one of the essential parts of TCM). This book describes clinical case studies, including blood tests results before and after treatment, as well as excellent pictures of patients’ tongues before and after treatment.  The book is an easy-to-understand description of how TCM pathology has been integrated with Western pathology to better understand how disease progresses and can be prevented.  It focuses on chronic diseases related to diabetes, heart disease and related issues.   If you can read Chinese and are interested in purchasing the book, please email us through our Contact page and we can have one put aside for you.

Shwu’s Schedule

If you haven’t tried Acupuncture, or seen Dr. Shwu I would highly recommend that you give her a try, she truly is a gift to the world and The Wellness Center.  Her hours are: Tuesday and Thursdays 11-6pm and Sundays 1-7pm.