Happiness is such an elusive thing… we all want to be happy right?  But the human experience

does not lend itself to us being “happy” all of the time.  The human experience is filled with ups and downs, sadness and joy, fullness and voids.   I remember in my early twenties I went on a youth trip to Taiwan for a month.  It was an intense month of constantly being surrounded by new people, but we instantly connected and became fast friends.  It was a jam packed month filled with lots of fun and partying.  After that intense month, it was time to go our separate ways.   I remember feeling intensely lonely after a month of being surrounded by people.  It was such a stark contrast in experiences. 
Recently, I have been experiencing the same feeling.  For the past 3 months I have immersed myself on the leadership team for the Womxn’s March Denver.  In less than 3 months we were tasked with having to fundraise over $35k to put on a large scale march, we had to create a database of supporters, marketing and PR plan for communications, a website, fundraising events, a dynamic lineup of artists and speakers and a team of 100 plus volunteers to help us put on the march.  It was an intense 3 months,  right in the middle of the holiday season.  Since it was an intense time, emotions would flare from our leadership team when there were inevitably things that we did not fundamentally agree on. 
We made it to game day which was Saturday, January 19th and the event was very well put together, the program was inspirational and thoughtful, the march itself uplifted everyone and when it was all said and done we raised over $40k! There was so much to celebrate, but for me, it feels like there is a weird void in my life now.  When you are so busy for months working on a project, now that it is over it feels uncomfortable to slow down and get back to “normal” life. 
Being human is all about ups and downs.  We all experience highs and lows, life living on this planet is not easy.  Our brains are constantly comparing ourselves to others, constantly worried about something or other, and in general we can easily fall prey to “wanting” to feel happy all the time.  When we don’t we feel like something is wrong with us, so then we fill our days with busyness, shopping, eating, drinking, partying, whatever drama we feel like we need to stir up, we distract ourselves from feeling the void or the loneness, when in reality this is all part of the human experience. 
Rather than strive for happiness, I would instead focus on feeling at peace with the moments and experiences that you have on daily basis, find peace and contentment in the day to day mundane tasks of life.  Happiness comes and goes, but inner peace will carry you through each day.  
Here’s to inner peace!