This was a question that I was asking myself the other night when I couldn’t fall asleep.  I have to admit that every phase of my life has its pros and cons… with the exception of my middle and high school years, I think I have blocked out that awkward period in my life.
In my twenties, I enjoyed exploring and traveling.  I was so optimist for the future and I had dreams that I actually pursued such as going into the Peace Corps, starting my own business and investing in real estate. I was a risk taker, and wasn’t afraid of debt and I had a ton of energy.  This was also the phase in my life where I had very little financial resources… I didn’t let that hold me back. 
In my thirties, I became more responsible and worked like a dog.  I worked a ton of hours well over 60 hours a week and sometimes worked other jobs while managing my businesses to pay the bills.   During this phase I was into building “wealth” and growing my businesses.  I opened Pure Massage, a massage center that we intended to grow into a franchise.  Ultimately, we opened during the mortgage crisis and after 2 years we were forced to sell the assets to a Massage Envy franchise (here’s more:  I lost a lot of money and ultimately was forced to file personal bankruptcy.   It was during this time that my faith was truly tested, as it was a “dark time”.  The gift that came out of the bankruptcy was that I was able to keep The Wellness Center and my primary residence and I had a clear commitment to be more fiscally responsible.  I became more of a realistic than a dreamer.
Now, that I am in my early 40s… my risk taking and desire to take risks has gone down considerably.  Heck I am even afraid of heights now!   I got married in my late 30s and had my beautiful daughter Maya at 38 years old.  Now much of my focus is on my family and community.  While I do travel quite a bit, a majority is to visit family.  The bug to travel to far off, exotic places is in the distant past.  Now my days are focused on maintaining the success and security of The Wellness Center, volunteering, taking care of the emotional and physical health of myself and my family, and creating community.  A perfect night for me, is eating a good meal and hanging out with friends or family.
Life is much more simple and no drama.  When I ask myself, “Am I enjoying my life?” The answer is a whole hearted, YES!  Even with all the mundane simple tasks of cooking, cleaning and just being human.  It feels great to be living in a wonderful community, and to be working with the amazing team at The Wellness Center.  What more can I ask for?
I hope you are enjoying your life and living with no regrets, as we never know which day will be our day to go.
To your health,