This month we celebrate all of the Father’s and Grandfather’s in our lives. 
I personally I not a big fan of “hallmark” holidays, but I have to admit that if we didn’t have Mother’s and Father’s day… we probably would not stop to take a moment to thank these wonderful people that have shaped so much of our lives.
Today, and this month I honor my Father.  My father passed little over 2 years ago.  This was the poem that we included in his memorial brochure.
Our father kept a garden 
A garden of the heart
He planted all good things
That gave our lives a start

He turned us to the sunshine
And encouraged us to dream
The seeds of what we’ll be

We are our father’s garden
We are his legacy
It is so true that Fathers lay the foundation for our future.  My father came to the United States with nothing, slowly built a life in American.  He worked tirelessly to put his 3 daughters through college.  He raised us with a strong sense of self and work ethic, all the while loving us unconditionally.  While my father was stern and strict, he was also generous, kind and compassionate.   If he was wrong about something, he had the courage to admit he was wrong and apologize.   I am so lucky that I got to spend over 40 years with my father.  While I wish he was with us today, I know that he is in a better place and he continues to live on within me, my sisters and all of his beautiful grandchildren. 
Father’s Day is Sunday, June 18th.
In Health,