I will admit it. I am a self-help junkie. I love reading personal development books and now that I am a mother that still hasn’t changed. I just finished reading the book, The 10 Habits of Healthy Mothers, by Meg Meeker. It served as a reminder of how to live a rich, peaceful and simple life. The habits I have heard before, it is even more important that I remind myself to stay focused on what is important in life and to live in the present moment.
Here are the 10 habits:
1) Understand your value as a Mother and/or an individual
2) Maintain a strong support system
3) Value and practice faith
4) Say no to competition
5) Create a healthy relationship with money
6) Make time for solitude
7) Give and get love in healthy ways
8) Live more simply
9) Let go of fear
10) Cultivate hope
Remember life is too short to waste it on worrying, gossip and stressing out. One of the most important things that I have learned in my lifetime is to not compare myself to others. This is extremely hard! Especially in a culture that is constantly making comparisons and marketing that makes us feel inadequate with what we have. Cultivate the feeling of gratitude each day of your life, and be grateful for all the little things we experience and have on a daily basis.
Happy Mother’s Day!