I don’t know if it is the way our brains are wired, but for some reason it is so hard to appreciate something until you lose it.  When things become part of our daily routine, we take these things for granted.  Things as simple as, running water that comes to our home in a limitless supply, electricity, the internet, cell phones etc.  It isn’t until we lose things or people that we come to appreciate them.  
For me, I am always trying to be grateful for my health.  Many times, people treat their cars better than they treat their bodies.   When we feel good and have energy we take our health for granted.  It isn’t until we encounter some type of health crisis that we wake up to the fact that having good health and energy is the ultimate gift in life.
When you don’t feel good, and are struggling to get through the day, your quality of life really suffers.  When you are in constant pain, I know you can wonder is life worth living.  Today, I am here to remind you, that your body is a temple.   It gives you the strength to not only survive the day, but to thrive.  It gives you the motivation to work hard and enjoy life.   Remember, that nothing is worth sacrificing your health for.  If you are overstressed, overworked and not taking care of yourself, take a moment to reflect on what your life would  feel like if you were to create more spaciousness.  If you created time for you, to eat healthy, to exercise, to have down time just doing nothing, sounds amazing right?
I know many of us work to enjoy our life, eating out, going to concerts, filling our home with new furniture, buying new clothes etc. etc.  Could you imagine living a more simple life, with a smaller home or even being in an apartment?  The tradeoff would be greater financial and time margin to focus on yourself, not having to do things that are costly.  Instead it is about reading books, taking long walks or hikes, learning new recipes and cooking more at home.  Spending time with friends and enjoying good company over a cup of tea.  Click here to read more on living a simple and uncomplicated life. 
Here is to your health!  Celebrate it every day!