Friday, was another typical busy day, as I was heading out of my house I grabbed my cell phone from the charger and stuffed it in my purse. At around 9:20 am my 9:00am appointment who got lost said she called and left a voicemail message on my cell phone. Funny, I didn’t even hear my cell phone ring. At around 10am took my cell phone out of my purse and found that it wasn’t turning on. “Funny”, I thought to myself, “I thought I charged it.” I plugged it in again to charge, hit the power button nothing.

At lunch with some friends, I told them about my cell phone and they recommended that I take out the battery and then reinsert it. Still nothing, then the light bulb went off, “my cell phone battery must have died.” As I drove to the Verizon store the thought that kept coming into my mind is maintenance.

Everything that we own needs some form of maintenance, whether it is our cell phone, our computers, laptops, cars, homes, jewelry, clothing, even relationships need maintaining, whether it is friendship, business relationship or marriage. If we use something or do something on a regular basis at some point we will need to repair, replace or maintain it to ensure it stays in tip top shape.

Some of you may know that in the last 2 years my mantra has been simplicity. The one thing that I have worked very hard on is letting go of things that I don’t use on a regular basis. I went through each room in my house and systematically starting purging things that I either didn’t use (in the past year) or didn’t provide beauty to my space. I would highly recommend you do this exercise over the next year. You will be amazed by how freeing it feels to live with less stuff. Not only will your home and office be less cluttered and invite more creativity, you will also free up more of you time to do the things that you enjoy, rather than running all around town maintaining your stuff.

Granted, there is an aspect of maintenance that you cannot escape from. All of us will need to wear clothes (unless you live in a nudist commune), over 90% of use the computer to communicate, we live in a house which inevitably requires TLC, most of us have a car that gets us from point A to B. The point is, that we only spend our time maintaining the necessities that add to our lives, rather than take away from our lives. Maintaining a boat, you only use once a year is that really worth it? Maintaining a 5000 square ft home when in reality you and your family only use 2000 square ft, is that really worth it? Maintaining clothes/shoes/handbags etc. that you never wear, is that worth it?

Just think if we had less “stuff” and possessions to manage, we could spend that extra time nurturing our relationships to our friends and family. Spend more time laughing with those that we love. What about maintenance for your body? When was the last time you went to the doctor, the dentist? Do you spend time every day, month and year doing some maintenance on your body and mind? Our bodies and mind are machines and if they are not maintained they will start to deteriorate rapidly over time.

Here is my general prescription for maintaining your body and mind:


  1. Laugh
  2. Move (do some light movement or exercise)
  3. Get plenty of sleep (8-10 hours per day)
  4. Eat well, give your body lots of good nutritious foods
  5. Take an omega3 supplement and take a multi-vitamin
  6. Spend some down time doing something contemplative (mediation, reading, journaling)


  1. Connect with your friends and family
  2. Nurture your body ~ get a massage and/or an adjustment, take a bath, read a good book, go camping or take mini retreat at a spa.


  1. Go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned
  2. Go to the doctor for you annual physical exam (either with a Naturopath, Acupuncturist or your primary care physician)
  3. If you are a female get an annual pap smear
  4. Do a liver cleanse to flush out toxins, release extra weight and jump start your metabolism
  5. Take a vacation, give yourself a break

Here is to you living the best life possible. Feel free to add any of your own comments for what you do to maintain your best life.

In Health,