Welcome to the Wellness Center

The Wellness Center, inside Whole Foods in Denver, Colorado, provides massage and wellness services that will dramatically change the way you feel and empower you to attain a new level of health and wellness. We are a locally owned and operated organization that has helped boost the community’s vitality for over 18 years. Whether you are looking to relieve pain, manage stress or alleviate illness – our expertly trained and experienced practitioners and staff will help guide you to better health and wellness. Allowing you to live your life. Fully.

Discover Deep Tissue & Therapeutic Massage Near Me

Therapeutic massage near me: Discover more about therapeutic massage, chiropractic, naturopathic medicine, acupuncture, detoxification and cleansing programs and book your appointment today.  The Wellness Center offers a customized services to fit your individual needs.  All of the massages can include a variety of therapeutic bodywork techniques, hot packs, hot towels and organic, therapeutic grade aromatherapy oils, all at no additional charge.

Monthly Massages to Take Care of YOU…

Massage Membership – $89/Month

  • $89 per month ($19 set up fee waived – cancel any time after first 3 months)
  • Receive a monthly 60 minute massage
  • Unlimited additional 60 minute massages: $79 per hour
  • Guest Massages and gift card purchases: $99 per hour


Client Testimonials

“My massage was excellent. Everything from the ease of making the appointment, to being greeted upon my arrival, to the massage therapist asking about my massage needs, to the actual massage was first class.”

Laurin Q

This place is amazing! All of the staff are super friendly and Ais is the absolute best massage therapist! I’ve been going to see her regularly for about 2 years now and truly look forward to my appointments with her. She’s funny and super easy to talk to and she always finds the sore spots on my body and the places that need the most work. Do yourself a favor and book a massage with Ais and you won’t regret it!

Aaron Q

Dominique helped me SOOO much on my wedding morning. I woke up unable to move my head, and she completely loosened me up and saved the day. I will always be so grateful to her and the wellness center for fitting me in last minute and doing an incredible job! I’ve had many many massages in my life, and this was one of the absolute best!

Nelia P.

First place I have been too that I didnt feel rushed, and the vibes and knowledge within this business is amazing. Definitely will be back.

David R.

Lovely staff, beautiful office, and incredible deals on massages! I’ve had a membership for a year and I love how it reminds me to take care of myself.

Dara S.

Every massage has been good.. Most consistent place I’ve experienced and I’ve been getting massages since I was 19-20 and I’m now 27

Nicholas M.

Wow what an amazing experience here. I came here on a whim while trying to kill some time. I popped in right after they opened thinking I probably didn’t have a good chance of getting in last minute. The receptionist was incredibly friendly and was able to get me in within 30 minutes. They had a nice setup in the waiting area with tea and a comfortable sitting area that made the waiting time go by quickly. I got an hour massage with one of their female massage therapist. She was absolutely phenomenal. After starting my new job I have had bad back and neck pain from working long shifts on my feet. She was incredibly attentive and made sure to pinpoint what areas needed the most attention. I love that they had multiple oil options. I picked the organic coconut oil to be used on the majority of my body and another oil on my back where it’s more prone to breakouts. The whole experience was so relaxing. I left leaving refreshed and my neck pain had significantly improved. The next time I’m in Denver I will absolutely be back.

Hannah F.

I love all of the massage therapists at the wellness center. They are highly trained with a lot of experience. You. can always find the perfect therapist to provide exactly what you need!

Rachel B. Brown

“Seeing a naturopathic doctor changed my life. She gave me a food sensitivity test and following those recommendations has almost completely eliminated my symptoms and allowed me to even lose weight. No other doctors I had been to had ever thought about a holistic approach and I don’t know what I would not have healed without going to the Wellness Center.”

Ana G.

“The entire visit from reception to walking out is enjoyable. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Each massage is better than the last which seems impossible. Everyone acts as a team unit and are all on the same page. The therapist always ask how you are feeling and if there is anything you’d like to focus on. It is ALWAYS a full 60 minutes of hands on and certainly not a fluff massage. Dr Julia is amazing and the fact that they run chiro and massage under your insurance benefits is just the cherry on top! You won’t be disappointed at the Wellness Center!”

Courtney M.

“Rosemary did a wonderful job working out neck and shoulder build up that was causing me acute pain. I greatly appreciate the Wellness Center’s thoughtfulness in adjusting my appointment last minute too, so I could have a longer session to get all the help that I needed. They’re my go-to place in Denver for quality massage. I actually walk out feeling better and I can’t say that about other places I’ve gone for treatment.”

Sarah L.

“Everything about this place is wonderful from the moment you walk in the front desk staff very friendly and to the moment you get on the table the massage therapist are amazing! Cant get any better quality of massage than this place.”

Cely L.

“Samantha did a wonderful job of listening to what I wanted, and offering a comprehensive, enjoyable massage and experience. The front desk admin was pleasant and professional. She helped me understand the best way to get the best deal on regular 1.5 hour massages. I’ve historically been annoyed when spas shove their subscription services and products down your throat, after spending money to relax. There was none of that here. I LOVED my experience and am now a member! Your staff has been top notch, and Samantha gave me the best massage of my life!! (I am not exaggerating, and I am a spa-massage junkie.)”

Katie R.

“I love that I can call day of and usually get an appointment…and that ANYONE I go to is going to be a great therapist. The Wellness Center had become my ‘people’ over the years.”

Cary McE.

“The Wellness Center understands how to treat the whole person. Every person you meet there contributes to a positive, healing experience.”

Pauline H.

“The relaxing environment helped me put all of the stress of daily life aside for a little while and get in touch with the real me. I have been a customer with Whole Foods for many years and appreciate having your Wellness Center right there where I can find what I need without a lengthy search. Courtney did a great job, as she has done for me before. Though I have been absent for a while, I plan on returning soon to keep up the care my body needs. Thank you for everything.”

Lorna K.

“The environment is soothing, comfortable, healing and the therapists are attentive and highly skilled. I’ve been coming here for over eight years.”


“They have the most caring, professional massage therapists and staff. I wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else!”


“The Wellness Center offers such convenience — in the center of Denver, open seven days a week. With a staff of massage therapists to choose from, I can either stick with one I like or “shop around.” The six-month membership is a great deal, too. And I haven’t even tried the other services (acupuncture, chiropractic, etc.) that they offer….yet!”


“I’ve been a member for 3 years and have always had an incredible massage regardless of the therapist. The staff are absolutely delightful!”


“I have been treated well by everyone at the Wellness Center where I went for recurring migraines. Their insight and skills has empowered me, comforted me and given me an entire year now without a migraine! What a wonderful group of people!”


“I’ve gone there with various sports injuries and they have always done a great job of listening to what my ailments were and creating a plan to help me recover.”


“I have had massages in almost every state and numerous countries. My 90-minute massage at The Wellness Center was, without a doubt, the BEST massage I have ever received in my life! My therapist was attentive, deeply conscious to the needs of my body and was more attached to doing his best for my particular muscular issues than to his “routine.” He varied his pressure considerably depending on what he felt I needed and checked in with me without being intrusive or interrupting my experience. I cannot recommend this center highly enough!”


“The atmosphere is first class, soothing and very relaxing. All the therapists are excellent. And it’s nice to shop at Whole Foods before or after a Wellness Center appointment.”


“I have rarely been moved to offer a testimonial and compliments after the fact but, your staff’s helpfulness, friendliness, and excellent work yesterday merits that. I had a session with Dr. Price and he was knowledgeable, personable, and attentive to what was going on. Afterwards I felt so much better. I also had an appointment with Deb that was the finest massage and healing session I have had in the last 10 years and possibly in the years since 1990 when I started doing massage myself. In short, blessings to all of you for your wonderful facility and wonderful work.”


“I have seen several massage therapists and an OT for ongoing neck and shoulder stiffness and pain. After my third visit with Layhoon yesterday, my neck pain is dramatically better and my tight shoulder is significantly looser! I can’t wait to get to my yoga mat to try out my much-improved freedom of movement. I look forward to working more with Layhoon.”


“I love getting a massage and The Wellness Center was the perfect spot. The massage therapist was great! Whole Foods is right below and even though the massage room was right above the store, it was totally quiet and relaxing. After the massage I picked up my groceries. Very convenient.”

Sharon B

“I have gotten massages at the wellness center regularly for about a year and ALWAYS have a great experience. After years and years of bouncing around from massage therapist to massage therapist I finally can say I found not only one but two therapists from the center to fulfill my needs and help heal. Highly recommend the Wellness Center.”


“I have had 3 excellent massages at the wellness Center. The staff were courteous, friendly and efficient. The massage therapists were professional, knowledgeable and sensitive to my needs. As a result of my massages, I enjoyed great relief of my pain. I would highly recommend anyone to experience a massage at the Center.”


“The Wellness Center is the BEST. Don’t know how they consistently get the best practitioners — but they do! I’ve been going there for 10+ years and now drive all the way across town to go there. It is worth it!”


“We moved from Seattle a year-ago and by far this is the best experience with quality massage therapists. The professionalism of the team, clean and warm environment, and therapeutic value is incredible. I am finally glad that massage and chiropractic care will be covered in my wellness insurance benefits. Thank you!”

David A

“Everyone that is part of the team at the Wellness Center is 100% dedicated to the overall health and vitality of each person that walks through the door. They are all very friendly, and promote a sense of well-being.”

A. Flynn

“I received a gift package of 3 massages, and have had two different therapists, both were fantastic. I have had injuries where I have had massages, deep tissue and sport and medical at different facilities throughout Denver. This tops all! Therapists are knowledgeable, intuitive and willing to concentrate on areas that need extra attention. Scheduling appointments has been a breeze. the overall experience is easy, seamless and straight forward. The facility is clean, not overly spa -ish and soothing. Big winner in my book!”

Phyllis B

“The Wellness Center is a rare gem in the sea of health !! The staff is amazing and the services are stellar. I’ve been with the center for 11 years and have never been disappointed. Each practitioner is professional and truly has your best interest at heart. Kudos to Dr Shwu, Dr Binder, Dr Tim and all the awesome massage therapists. Truly holistic disease prevention care to those seeking total wellness of mind, body and soul.”

Diane B

“A couple of years ago, a friend told me about the team of massage therapists at The Wellness Center (TWC). I had a positive relationship with another therapist at that time, so I didn’t book an appointment at TWC for quite some time. When circumstances changed, and I found myself looking for a new therapist, I immediately turned to TWC. I booked an appointment with one of the therapists over a year ago, and have since worked with several others. Each therapist brings their training and specialization as well as their own unique approach to massage into each session. I really appreciate that. So, whether I need a gentle massage or more robust deep tissue work, I get what I need each and every time. They also offer other services and modalities, including acupuncture and chiropractic. I haven’t tried either of these, but I’ve heard great things from others who have. The space is really nice and the location is convenient (their offices are located over the Glendale Whole Foods). AND here’s what I really appreciate: there are typically appt times available that fit my schedule. Love that about the Wellness Center!”

Tanya H

“I’ve been going to The Wellness Center for nearly 3 years and am consistently happy with my visits. I tend to need deeper tissue work and I always leave feeling relief and like we’ve made progress to correct the issues. I’ve recently joined the monthly membership and am excited to see how my body changes with consistent attention and correction.”

Mari L

“The Wellness Center offers holistic care for their clients. My massage therapist targets my specific needs each visit, and provides advice on how to better care for my body in between visits. You will not be dissatisfied if you choose the Wellness Center!”

Kearsten H.

“Everyone is ready to do what they can to make you feel better and get the most out of their services. I am very grateful for the women and men that create the wholesome environment we get to enjoy as The Wellness Center. ”

Alicia H.

“The Wellness Center and Dr. Tiffany Binder are truly gifts. I credit the staff at the Wellness Center with helping me navigate and heal through several very challenging life situations. Very grateful.”

Amy M.

“I absolutely LOVE this place! The big chain massage businesses can’t compare. I receive good quality services every time I visit. Meredith is one of the best massage therapist I have ever met. Definitely worth visiting!”

Latoya L

“I had so many great massages from a variety of massage therapists! Each one I saw was very professional and provided excellent therapy. The hours and location are extremely convenient and I am usually able to get a next day appointment. The front desk staff has always been very warm and welcoming. I would highly recommend The Wellness Center to anyone!”

Brittany N

“The Wellness Center is a no frills experience that delivers the healthy benefits of massage for physical well being. I chose to be a client of the Wellness Center for sports massages (deep tissue) as an important component of my triathlon training plan. Regular deep tissue massages from the Wellness Center keep my body healthy and ready for the training/racing ahead.”

Britta S.

Perfect!!! No other place to go in the Metro Denver!!! Layhoon will blow you away!!! Professional, therapeutic and spa like! Rayna is number one THERAPEUTIC!!! She knows the body within minutes of touching your minion spots! She shares her knowledge, and shares what it is AND what to do about it!!! Ask for cupping/acupuncture! She is fabulous! Mary I see for relaxing massage, also. You simply cannot go wrong with any Therapist at Wellness Center! Worth every minute of my commute!!!

Cathryn O

“The Wellness Center is amazing! I’ve had such an incredible experience these past few months with a recurring membership and I’m excited every month to book my next appointment. All of the masseuses are knowledgeable and make you feel at ease. I cannot recommend this place enough!”

Stevie F.

“Best consistent therapists in Denver Rosemary and Samantha are the best and I’ve seen many therapists in Denver. They are knowledgeable, patient and listen to their patient to find the best type a treatment needed to relieve pain.”

Tamra H.

“I’ve been coming to the Wellness Center, well since it opened! I’ve NEVER had a poor / lack luster treatment. I see many of the LMT’s, Dr. Price (the most fabulous Chiropractor in the universe) and Dr. Shwu the acupuncturist of your dreams…seriously, I do not think there is anything she cannot fix. Everyone at The Wellness Center is kind, understanding, helpful, and most importantly, a master of their craft.”

Zoe B.

Massage with Ringo was the best I have ever had. He has such a caring demeanor and encourages relaxation more than any therapist I’ve known. The prices are really reasonable as well. Front desk staff are professional and responsive. I will be back and certainly recommend The Wellness Center to others.

Lori W.