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Taking a break from Technology

I am leaving for California tomorrow, driving there and flying back.  After some debate I finally decided not to bring my laptop.  Why was this such a big decision?  Well for one, I generally never travel without my laptop.  My laptop bag has become my second purse.  In many ways my laptop has become my security blanket.  If I ever need to work, find a document, jump onto facebook, blog, or check my e-mail it is at my finger tips.   Granted I do have a Blackberry so if I do go through a laptop withdrawal I can always use my Blackberry.  For whatever reason I have become extremely attached to my laptop.

I finally decided, that since I was having a hard time leaving my laptop behind is exactly why I should leave it behind.  Anything that you can’t pull away from, generally means you should create some distance for yourself.  I have to admit that I consciously try not to work all the time, and believe me I have come a long way from my 12 hour days 6 days a week.  But as an American it is hard to not feel guilty if you don’t work all the time.  This is definitely something that I have been working on and it is a daily battle.

So I leave tomorrow, sans laptop, but I will have my blackberry.  To California to see Marianne Williamson at her weekend workshop, Sister Giant.  I am super excited and also look forward to turning off my brain to technology while I am gone.  Hopefully it will bring greater clarity, creativity and insights.  Look forward to writing about my experience when I return.


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