Dr. Tsai is originally from Taiwan and has a diverse background. She came to the United States for advanced studies and graduated with her Ph.D. from Texas Tech University, Health Science Center in Nutrition in 1993. She worked as a scholar and had her findings published within the field of Nutrition, Cellular Biochemistry and Behavior Genetics. After many years of doing research, she was ready for a change and decided to pursue a Masters of Science of Oriental Medicine from the Southwest Acupuncture College. She graduated in 2008 and worked as a professor for the College and obtained her National Certification in Oriental Medicine.

Dr. Tsai is a caring, compassionate healer and approaches healing with an open mind. She looks at each person as a whole not just focusing on the symptoms.

She specializes in:

• Primary insomnia (when someone is not on any type of medications)

• Adrenal-fatigue and Stress Management

• Women’s Hormone Issues (candida and chronic yeast infections)

She has a gentle style to her technique and can cater to the client’s preference.


Facial Rejuvenation: there are journeys that turn into legends. Mine is one of them. I was divorced and depressed. I came to see Dr. Tsai just to have someone listen to me and treat my depression. I saw her facial rejuvenation information and asked her about the treatment plan. After thinking for weeks, I came back and decided to have my life back. It is an investment I have never regretted. She has both a strong, yet gentle touch. After 8 treatments, I decided to be social again. I went out with my friends and they all asked “what happened to you? You look so … alive, refreshed, renewed or maybe rejuvenated?” My answer was “You bet, everything, but mostly, rejuvenated.” Dr. Tsai, Thank you. Because of you, I am rejuvenated. And you are right, the journey I took turned into my legend.

-Lan N K

I took sleeping pills for the past 25 years and I thought nothing could help me anymore. My husband was so devoted to help me out that he went online to search for insomnia alternative treatments. The pain my families went through with me was unspeakable. Thanks to Dr. Tsai that is over! On the initial treatment, she explained to me that this is chronic and it will take time to see the change and that I needed to be part of the process. By combining Acupuncture (the gentlest touch I ever felt) and Chinese herbal medicine, within 6 months, I was able to sleep from 2 hours to 4 hours. And, now, I can sleep without all the tossing and turning that drives me crazy. Dr. Tsai I really appreciate your being so kind and generous. As you always told me, Chinese medicine is not a myth. I understand that now.

-Pei H

As an international researcher, travel and conferences were always my professional obligations. To deal with Candida infections under such conditions was really hard. When I use douche I was Ok, when not using it then the itching repeatedly comes back. I was troubled by this unbearable itchiness and sometimes I could not take it. I became depressed for awhile. Then, one of my friends told me Dr. Tsai has really strong knowledge in Chinese herbal medicine. I had nothing to lose, so I called her. She explained to me in the initial treatment that this is a chronic condition and healing will take some time and patience. If I could follow the instructions, the Candida infection would go away. The first two weeks was significant enough for me to notice the itching had gone down remarkably. It has been 3 months now, I feel free like a bird. I had never thought that I can work as much as I want. Dr. Tsai, thank you are the only words that I can express.


I have had fibromyalgia for the last 15 or so years. I took the pain for granted. It was the daily and lifetime project for me to deal with. I was told that acupuncture will help, so I took the chance. I met Dr. Tsai 4 years ago. She told me that it would take a year or more to feel the difference due to chronic pain for so long. I am glad that I took the chance. I feel much better now. Way back before I started seeing her, I could not even get myself motivated to take a shower. Now, I can work, read, but mostly, I feel alive again. Thanks.

-Dr. SorciaEdo

Dr. Tsai interacts with patients like me (no myth is allowed)… She is very knowledgeable and patient. What I like about Dr. Tsai is (1) she always explains to me what she thinks about my condition (2) what may change after the treatment (3) if I did not take care of it what would happen and (4) she asks me to be involved in my health investment. Not only does she do the treatment, but also she educates me as well. She cares about her patients and wants you to be healthy. Since seeing her, my back pain is much, much, much better. And to think, I thought I would have to take Ibuprofen for the rest of my life.

-Tim R

I am very sensitive in many ways, which is one of the reasons I did not like acupuncture. When Dr. Tsai treated me, she asked if this was the first time I received acupuncture. I told her that I do not like the needles, it hurts. She told me that all needles hurting is a myth and that acupuncture needling can be gentle. Because I’d been carrying the ball at work for two co-workers who had gone on vacation about the same time, I was getting very stressed out. So, much so that I was having trouble sleeping even though I was putting in ten-hour days. My wife recommended I get a treatment from her, so I did. Boy, did I ever need it! I felt much better (and slept better) the rest of the week. And, she has the gentlest needling style. She’s forever changed the way I think about “Needling”.


There is a great amount of care in the services I receive, especially acupuncture. I feel like I am really being heard and that great care is taken in improving my well being.

– Jessica E.