Rayna comes to Colorado after years of ocean tides, humidity and the openness of Florida.  She brings a robust enthusiasm to her treatments…full of insights, a variety of techniques and a decade of experience. She is excited to bring her therapeutic bodywork and acupuncture treatments to The Wellness Center.  Rayna practices a mix of Eastern medicine and Shiatsu.  As a Licensed Acupuncturist, she deals with injuries a lot, helping others relax and feel better.  That’s the fulfillment for her in practice, seeing how clients progress and create more vibrancy and health in their life.

Rayna enjoys facilitating Cupping, Trigger Point, Myofascial release and specific, deep work.  She works with clients who are ready to let go of pain, feel better and don’t mind a few cup marks.

Interview with Rayna

Three words that describe me: Kind, Powerful, Joyful

Three things that make me smile: Sunlight on clouds, Thunder, Family

Three words that describe my massage therapy: Precise, Deep, Lasting

Three things that I could not do without: Love, Joy, Peace