Minnie Horwitz, CMT

Minnie’s interest in Massage Therapy began after experiencing the therapeutic benefits of receiving massage during intensive pre-professional ballet training. Several years  later, while living in Santa Monica, California, an increased interest in massage therapy led to her curiosity of applying specific techniques through reading more literature. She began practicing massage on friends and family, who acknowledged her intuitive quality of touch and encouraged her to consider attending Massage Therapy school. Minnie soon enrolled at the Massage School of Santa Monica in California, and graduated in June of 2000. She lived and worked as a Massage Therapist in Boulder for the past 16 years, and considers the Boulder healing community to have greatly influenced her learning and self-growth. Re-locating to Denver has expanded her knowledge in all forms of healing, through both working with new clients, as well as connecting with more holistic based living.

Minnie’s massage style is grounded with a meditative sense, using energy work to instill an ultimate sense of calm within the body and mind. She often integrates Swedish, Neuromuscular, Trigger Point, and Myofascial modalities. Minnie’s duality of care is focused on the specific needs of each and every client, so that they may receive the most beneficial type of bodywork to instill mindfulness and sustain progressive healing within the nervous system. Connecting with the local community and creating a life filled with many healing and nourishing practices is essential to Minnie— her love of diverse music genres, dance, yoga, creative writing, art, ocean living, and cooking are a huge part of her life. Minnie enjoys supporting the health and happiness of others through providing therapeutic bodywork, and feels grateful to be a part of the Wellness Center community.

Interview with Minnie

Three words that describe me: resiliant, empath, strong

Three things that make me smile: dance, sunshine, ocean

Three words that describe my massage therapy:  slow, strong, flowing

Three things that I could not do without:  water, plants, Love (meditation)


“I had a wonderful experience! I loved Minnie and the environment. It was so relaxing and welcoming.” ~ Denise O.