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Massage for Kids: Me Too!!

Most parents describe massage to their kids as something for “big people” but this is NOT an “adults only” therapy! The myriad of benefits reaped by mature folks in a massage session are readily available for kids as well – AND because their tissues are young, healthy and hold less trauma they usually respond BETTER to therapeutic touch.

Do my kids need massage?
If your child is battling a chronic, pain causing condition or disease like cancer, muscular dystrophy or fibromyalgia the answer is a resounding yes for massage releases endorphins that reduce pain and heal the body. It is also beneficial for children challenged by behavioral issues like ADD, ADHD or hyperactivity because of it provides muscle relaxation, stress reduction and a calming effect. Or, if your child is blessed with health, massage facilitates positive neurological, social and emotional development in addition to establishing a routine for, and value of self care at an early age. The list below highlights a handful of benefits for pediatric massage:
•    Decreased anxiety, stress and tension
•    Pain reduction (even from chronic and degenerative diseases)
•    Enhanced body image
•    Increased bonding and attachment
•    Increased self esteem
•    Healthy sense of boundaries
•    Decreased behavioral issues
•    Overall sense of well being

How is kids’ massage therapy different from adults?
The rules don’t change when it comes to kids, there is just a certain sensitivity given to these small-er clients. The essence of massage for children is providing a safe and loving touch that encourages a positive experience in the body. This is accomplished first and foremost by open communication – having an initial discussion about what part of their bodies you will be working on, what clothing they would like to wear, and then continually checking in with them during the session to make sure the pressure is sufficient yet not painful and they are enjoying the work. Parents are welcome to be in the room during the treatment if this provides more relaxation for the child. 15-30 minute sessions are recommended as a starting place for kindergarten-agers, 30 minutes for 10-14 year olds and 30-60 for teenagers. These are simply guidelines and may vary for each individual child. Anyone under 18 needs parental consent prior to session.

Kids also benefit from craniosacral therapy AND chiropractic!

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