Letter from Kris Wood… Director of The Wellness Center

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone has enjoyed their summer, I personally am looking forward to the cooler temperatures and gorgeous foliage that comes with Fall.  I am excited to be writing you today with some special news!

A few months ago, I started researching Cannabidiol (CBD) for personal reasons…improved eye health and sleep being two of them.  Then Sharon, our owner, asked if I had interest in researching CBD for TWC, so I dived into the arena.  The more I found out, the more intrigued I became.  Months of research has led us to bringing in CBD spray and salve to sell and use in massages!

We want everyone to understand CBD and why we are bringing it into the Center, click here for a brief overview. Our chiropractor, Dr. Price, and I will also be offering free educational lectures on CBD and the products we’re using in the coming weeks.

Once I decided that CBD was not only for me but for everyone, the research began on which company to purchase it from.  Many small businesses are getting into the field, but to be able to fully endorse a product to my family and friends as well as to all of you, I felt it important to partner with an organization that KNOWS about health, that EMBODIES what it promotes and can ensure high quality, zero herbicides/pesticides CBD oil.  These criteria and others were met by Purium, a 23 year old company based in California. They added CBD+ 1500 to their already extensive health product line in April 2018.  We are thrilled to have partnered with this earth-friendly, whole food-oriented organization.  Their CBD product is a high quality, high potency CBD sublingual spray that allows the consumer to determine which dose is best for themself.

Purium’s CBD+ 1500 sublingual spray is:

  • Non GMO
  • Organic Hemp oil base
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Triple-tested to ensure quality and chemical composition
  • 30 day, money-back guarantee

Click here to watch a short video about it.

As mentioned above, we will also start offering the option of incorporating CBD into a massage for those particularly problematic areas.  There will be no up-charge for this service, however, we will require clients to purchase the CBD salve we offer at The Wellness Center.  The reason behind this is to safeguard our therapists as there are many different types of CBD products on the market. The quality of the products, the chemical composition and the level of Tetrahydrocannabinoid (THC) which is the compound that creates psychoactive responses, is very important to us.  The federal government has indicated to legally sell CBD products throughout the US, the THC level must be .3% or less.  Purium’s products consistently have test results at .04%, so it has an incredibly small trace of the compound, far less than the government requires. At this trace amount, the CBD products we will sell do NOT have a psychoactive effect.  Additionally, the quality of the hemp used in the making of the CBD is crucial as the risk of chemical contamination runs high in commercial hemp cultivation since hemp is known for sucking up heavy metals, solvents, pesticides and other toxins from the soil. These toxins then become concentrated and passed along through extraction into the final product. Purium triple tests all of their products and provides lab analysis on each lot produced to provide confidence to their customers.  The Wellness Center supports natural ways to address the issues and ailments of today’s world and in doing so, we take extra care to ensure the products and supplements we endorse represent our high ideals.

If you have any questions or concerns about CBD, please feel free to talk with myself or Dr. Price.  We will be announcing the lecture schedule soon, so attending our short presentation will also be an option to learn more and see if you feel it’s right for you.

In Health,

Kris Wood