What is the hype around CBDs and how do you use it as a natural supplement to your health and wellness routine?

The CBD marketing has blown up in Colorado and Nationwide!  Even Massage Therapy schools are teaching about the benefits of CBDs and their benefits to pain management and general health.  The Wellness Center has decided it is time to bring CBDs into the Center to support our clients to greater health and wellness.

What are CBDs?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound found in hemp plants, which is part of the cannabis family. Industrial hemp is legally grown in Kentucky and Colorado as a crop for many uses, including fiber, supplements, textiles, foods and paper.  CBD occurs naturally in large quantities in hemp plants, so it is fairly easy to extract it.  The CBD essential oil that is withdrawn is non-psychoactive, so it doesn’t create the “high” feeling, which makes it safe for the whole family to use!  When you ingest CBD, it interacts with the EndoCannabinoid System (ECS), which was discovered in 1992 and is found in all mammals. It is through this system that CBD interacts with our bodies and supports its healthy function.  The ECS plays a role in many of the body’s biological responses, including balance in our body’s immune system, communication between cells, appetite, metabolism, memory, and more.

 What are some of the benefits of CBDs?

When the body is supported through clean and natural products, the synergy that results from the multiple compounds in the products and the human body can affect amazing change!  Some results can be experienced within hours, others take longer, depending on your body, the longevity, severity and nature of the issue.  In June 2018, the FDA approved purified CBD for epilepsy and seizures, shining a great light on just a few of the medicinal benefits that can be experienced with CBD. Thousands of studies have been done globally to identify how CBD can have a positive impact on health and symptoms of dis-ease. These studies show that CBD also helps with:


And more!! Echo Connection is a fabulous website where you can look up any condition you or a loved one is experiencing and see the case studies to learn more for yourself.  This site was originally created to support families with children suffering from seizures and other neurological ailments.   https://echoconnection.org/