Dr. Binder is a Registered Naturopath in Colorado who graduated in 1998 from Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine in Tempe Arizona.

Dr. Binder is a leading expert in nutrition and supplements specializing in treatment programs to improve healing and metabolic functioning. She works collaboratively with her clients to design expert nutritional and medical programs. She has supported clients with the following conditions:

• Healthy weight loss
• Diabetes
• Heart disease
• Digestive issues
• High blood pressure
• Elevated cholesterol and triglycerides
• Vitamin D Deficiency

• Fatigue
• Depression
• Anxiety
• Difficulty sleeping
• Colds and flu
• Hormonal imbalances (menopause, PMS, thyroid)

For over 25 years, Dr. Binder has worked with difficult medical cases involving chronic and acute immune and inflammation imbalances, specifically chronic sinus and dental infections and chronic fatigue syndrome.

Dr. Binder is passionate about educating the community on metabolism and its effects on weight loss, chronic disease, anti-aging as well as heart disease and cholesterol.

To book a consultation with Dr. Binder, click here or call: 303.357.9355 to schedule. Consultation cost is just $60.


Inflammation: Autoimune and Leaky Gut:

What is autoimmune disease?

How do you determine if you have a leaky gut?

What Causes Leaky Gut?

How does a leaky gut relate to inflammation?

What does inflammation look like?

Food Sensitivity Tests – How is your testing different?

Weight Loss, Insulin and the American Diet:

Simple & Complex Carbohydrates

Cortisol and the American Diet

Insulin, Hormones, and Metabolism

How Fat Produces Hormones

Weight Loss:

Fruit and Weight Loss

The Best Diet for Weight Loss



Dr. Tiffany Binder is an amazing Naturopath and a strong healing force. She seems to more educated about the issues that I am dealing with than my medical doctors. I love the fact that she presents with a great deal of analytical evidence and test results. I would recommend her to any person who wants to achieve their optimum level of energy and body performance. ~ Bridget H.

Dr. Binder is amazing! She is patient, kind, and caring and really takes time to listen to your concerns. ~ Kristine K.

The Wellness Center, and Dr. Tiffany Binder, are truly gifts. I credit the staff at the Wellness Center with helping me navigate and heal through several very challenging life situations. Very grateful. ~ Amy M.

Dr. Binder has been amazing to work with…she really listens and spends more time with her patients than almost any other doctor I’ve ever seen. She approaches wellness from a holistic standpoint and tries to evaluate everything that may be playing into her patient’s ailments. The other thing I really appreciated is that she encourages you to make change and try new things at your own comfort level and at your own pace. She tries to address only a couple things at a time so that it is not overwhelming for the patient. I would recommend Dr. Binder and the Wellness center staff to anyone in a heartbeat! ~ Billie S.

Dr. Binder is amazing with her muscle testing and connection to the angels and universe. She is a wonderful healer. ~ Louise S.

I absolutely love Dr. Binder! She has helped me tremendously over the years. She is very thorough, compassionate & is very knowledgeable. ~ Kimberly W.

I LOVE Dr. Binder! Her skills are in another realm; she was the only one to correctly treat a Thyroid problem I had for years. ~ D T.

Dr Binder is superb in her care of and for her patients. I credit her with saving – or at least extending – my life! ~ Dick H.

Dr. Binder, she is gifted, skilled, compassionate, intuitive, brilliant, trustworthy, sincere, enjoyable and effective. ~ Lorraine D.

Dr. Binder is fully in tune with what I need. I will never see a AMA backed medical physician again. I am so happy with what she is doing for me. ~ Brett D.

“My visits with the Naturopathic Doctor, Dr. Binder, have been the most educational visits I’ve ever had with a health professional. She ran tests that my PCP never even heard of, and helped me to make some changes that have been very helpful in managing my health.” ~ Laurie F.