Crystal Burnham, CMT

Crystal joins The Wellness Center bringing a wealth of knowledge and experience with her…26 years worth, to be exact. Nationally and internationally certified in such modalities as hypnotherapy, EFT practitioner, psychotherapy, Reiki Master/teacher, Shamanic practitioner/teacher/artist and published author! She has over 3000 hours of training in areas such as Graston, Gua SHa, neuromuscular therapy, among others. Crystal is a grounding, yet freeing presence and her work demonstrates her openness to whatever process is needed for each individual client. She revels in the opportunity to facilitate healing change in the body.

Crystal’s philosophy is that for most people, chronic pain is not an age-related symptom. Reality is based on perceptions and choices and actively engaging in one’s own personal well-being can bring about profound change. For clients who find themselves on Crystal’s table, she will partner with their intention to affect positive change in their body and mind. This can result in the ability to be able to do things they did 20 years ago as the results of resolving issues through the body!


Interview with CRYSTAL

Three words that describe me: awesome energy, very knowledgable, smart a**

Three things that make me smile: my daughter, jogging/hiking, nature

Three words that describe my massage therapy: balanced, intuitive, awesome!

Three things that I could not do without: jogging/hiking, my nealing work, air