Ashlyn McKnight, CMT

Ashlyn enjoys working with clients who are ready to merge mind with body by taking an active interest in learning body awareness and bringing forth their own well-being. She believes in the power of assisting clients to feel these connections and learn how they are already manifesting within their own physical bodies.  This is brought forth through Visceral Manipulation (VM). VM is a soft, subtle work that addresses the deeper, underlying adhesions in the connective tissue in and around the organs…where many of us hold unprocessed emotions or tension. It’s common for these adhesions to create rigidity and pain elsewhere in the body. Oftentimes, tensions deep in the structure of the body are a factor in dis-ease or discomfort in the musculoskeletal system. VM can positively impact the digestive, glandular, reproductive and circulatory systems as well. Ashlyn feels this work more closely addresses the root cause of what is happening in the body compared to solely working with the muscles.

Visceral Manipulation may sound scary due to the immediate relation of the word manipulation with the forced chiropractic manipulation of the bones.  However, in French (the language of VM’s founder), manipulation means “to care for with the hands”. Visceral work can bring with it revelations within other parts of a client’s life.  This may be on an emotional or spiritual level.  This is work Ashlyn truly loves diving into and the implications of it may be profound if the client is also ready to work on this level and address their health as a journey and a process of unfolding and discovery.  Her work is visionary and fully holistic as it bring a vision of fullness of her client, including all aspects of their being…physical, spiritual, and emotional.

Ashlyn graduated from the Arizona School of Massage in 2007. Since graduating, she has continued to advance her training in all aspects of body movement. Most recently, this lead her to achieving yoga certification and teaching Sridaiva yoga, otherwise known as Bowspring yoga.

“How we view, interact and engage with life, our thoughts, beliefs and emotions, as well as our perspectives, actions and reactions all effect and are present in our living bodies.” – Ashlyn

Interview with Ashlyn

Three words that describe me: Happy, laid back, intuitive

Three things that make me smile: Another person’s laugh, witty banter, warm sunshine

Three words that describe my massage therapy: Intuitive, healing touch, effective

Three things I can’t live without: Close friends, travel, sunshine


Client Testimonials:

“Wow!  How do you explain something that is practically life changing every time I have a session with Ashlyn? Physically and emotionally, I feel more balanced, released and comfortable with my body and emotions.  I have been getting massages for 30 years and each therapist is unique and talented in their own way, but Ashlyn intuitively knows where blockages lie and knows how to move muscle and energy in a way that balances the entire body.  I just love my sessions with her and can’t wait for my next one!”  ~ Kelly W.

“I receive massage fairly regularly, but didn’t know I needed “visceral” work until I was scheduled with Ashlyn. Now that I’ve received this type of bodywork, it has made me realize how much farther beyond the muscles that tension lies in the body. Instead of getting a temporary “band-aid” treatment, I now intentionally book with Ashlyn when I’m feeling sluggish. The energy present in Visceral Manipulation (VM) has allowed me to be less tired and fueled more efficient organ functioning. My body and viscera is re-learning bit by bit how to work and feel whole instead of as a slew of disconnected parts. It is a wonderful awakening to parts of myself I’ve never noticed or even considered before receiving VM work.”  ~ Pam W.

“There’s no one like Ashlyn and I’m glad I found her! So many things in the body are connected, I’m learning and re-learning this.  Ashlyn can figure out that a particular body organ needs some attention and ‘release’ that part or the connective area around that part to help other things in the body heal.  If I think something hurts, she assesses the system to identify the root cause and works toward resolution.  It’s like getting a huge blast of oxygen into the body in places you never knew existed – all good!  When a therapist is experienced like Ashlyn, the best thing a client can do is say ‘Do what you do best, please’ and get out of the way.”  ~ Pam F.

“As an extremely selective massage connoisseur, I have found that the Wellness Center has amazingly talented therapists in many modalities. In particular, Ashlyn is extremely skilled if you are looking for a specialist in the areas of energy work and Visceral Manipulation. Ashlyn has helped me attain significant relief from chronic and severe neck and back pain that is lasting beyond a typical massage impact. In addition, her healing touch has helped me to achieve significant shifts beyond purely physical relief, such as in attitude, forgiveness, general feeling of joy, etc.” ~Sheila S.

“Ashlyn has some real talent. I was in a car accident and she did a massage that totally got to my heart. I released heart pain and negative emotions. After just one treatment, the reoccurring nightmares I was having since the accident stopped! She has such an incredible sense of the client’s emotional and physical needs and is great at making you feel comfortable. She really cares about her clients.” ~ Pat N.

“I have been seeing Ashlyn for about 2 years and my experience with her has been nothing short of exceptional.  The idea of VM was very new to me, but has been an integrative approach focusing on not only the physical discomforts I may have but my emotional discomforts as well.  Needless to say, I’m hooked!  Ashlyn is unbelievably intuitive, her calm demeanor and healing touch have helped me physically overcome my chronic lower back aches as well as helped me to become more introspective.  I definitely feel a greater sense of mental clarity after a session with her!  ~ Lauren S.

“I was referred to Ashlyn for her amazing work and she did not disappoint. I was in an automobile accident and needed much needed neck, shoulder and lower back. My first visit she performed Visceral Manipulation and I was able to release a lot of pinned up anger over my injuries as a result. I felt her energy to be loving, healing and supporting! The next session she combined energy work and tissue work. I was floating on air! Highly recommend Ashlyn and will continue going to her in the future for sure!! She’s WORTH the drive from Littleton to Denver.” ~ Olivia F.

“THANK YOU ASHLYN! I went to the Wellness Center today for a simple birthday massage and I left with a beginning journey into myself. It was not only a great massage but then she did some energy work on me and I was amazed. I  learned that energy inside our body is quite real. This center is extremely professional with a quality staff and I can’t wait to return to it and continue with Ashlyn McKnight! Well done Ashlyn, and well done Wellness Center!” ~ Tom C.

“Ashlyn’s VM work has been of enormous benefit to me.  I breathe deeper and easier when we’re done and I’m pretty sure I’m taller.  As much as traditional massage therapy relaxes and calms my body, the VM work has the same effect on my mind.  I’m clear headed and able to shut out the noise for days after a visit with Ashlyn.  It’s nothing short of transformation. 2015 was an incredibly stressful year in my world and Ashlyn was integral in getting me through the weeds.  You have a special group in that office!  Keep it up!”  ~ Chris D.