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10 Years. 10 Charities. Features Colorado Youth at Risk

We are in the second month of our 10 month giving program – donating 10% of massage profits to 10 local charities in honor of our 10th Anniversary (click here for details). Colorado Youth at Risk will be the featured charity in April.  Make sure to stop by for a massage to support this amazing cause.

Colorado Youth at Risk (CYAR) makes a profound difference in the lives of teens. We are a local one-to-one mentoring organization and we change the lives of over 300 at-risk youth every year.  An example of one youth is Theron. His parents held him back in the 8th grade and he interpreted that as everyone giving up on him.  He started to lash out, hide behind his hood, and was tempted by gangs.  CYAR connected him with a mentor and now he is back on track.  Not only is he captain of the Manual High School debate team but he has won city competitions and is now trying to win state!  He also applied to college this fall and we are all anxiously awaiting to hear where he will attend.  Like Theron, many of our youth are ‘Diamonds in the Rough.’ CYAR provides the opportunity to transform from a place of hopelessness and despair to possibility and a future with potential.  For more information about CYAR, check out our website!

CYAR Facts:

» CYAR served 305 youth in 2010.

»95% of our students stay in school and 90% of those go on to graduate (Denver drop-out rate is 50%)

»50% of students in our programs improve grade average and attendance

» In order to make the maximum impact in our communities we ensure that 83% of every dollar raised goes towards the youth we serve.

See CYAR in action. Check out these videos:

Colorado Youth at Risk – Connect Mentor Transform

Colorado Youth at Risk Informational Video

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